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I had read about this project on Passionate Homemaking and decided to use a little pail Ava had received (for something, I don’t remember what) to create it.  I had some old scrapbooking sticker letters laying around and some large popsicle sticks.  And that’s it!  I wrote things like Teachers, Grandpa, Grandma, and Church Leaders. The girls love choosing a stick at bedtime and praying for whatever is on that stick.

(When I saw how well they liked drawing a stick, I applied this method to “chore sticks” for when they need a job to do or I need something cleaned.  It is working great!)


Piper has a toddler bed in her room, which is currently not being used except as a sometime reading spot for the girls.  Eventually Emma will move up into it, but until then it’s just kind of in storage in Piper’s room.  I wanted to make it look like it belonged a bit more, so I used a tutorial on Made by Dana on how to make your own crib sheets (which is the size of a toddler bed).  Using her template, I cut up the flat sheet to the bedding set on Piper’s twin bed (we don’t use the flat sheet on her bed anyway) to create a custom fitted sheet for the toddler bed.  And now it looks awesome.  It was so easy.  I think this could be addicting….
632635(don’t judge the sparse d├ęcor, I am still getting around to it!)


Piper used to have a bedrail on her bed, which we got from Momma Kay (since I had sold mine before moving to Utah) and which tucked under her mattress.  However I had grown to dislike it because it made making the bed difficult.  It was hard to have the cover hanging down because the railing fits snug against the mattress, making it nearly impossible to have a smooth top on the bed. 

So I read a tip on Pinterest to slip a pool noodle underneath the fitted sheet and it is just enough of a bump that kids won’t roll over it.  I tried it and it works.  I am not sure Piper really ever had any trouble with rolling out of bed (she might have done it once) but I have noticed that when she gets up against the noodle in the night it causes her to turn over the other way, away from the noodle.  And now the bed is so much easier to make; I can simply straighten the cover out over little bump on the side that is the pool noodle and it just hangs nicely without getting caught up in a railing.

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