Lookin’ Like the Fourth of July

We’re having a little family get together this afternoon and I wanted to add a little flair (who wouldn’t?)  Check it out:

I jazzed up the outside with my red & white bunting and some flowers.


I had scored these large blue pots at a garage sale last year and they have since been hanging out in the garage.  I had intended all season to plant some red and white flowers in them in anticipation of the Fourth of July, but when it came right down to it I discovered I am too cheap to spend the kind of money that the nurseries wanted on annual flowers. 

However, last Sunday I ran over to the fabric store  next to Shopko, which happened to have a big clearance sign outside their gardening section.  I decided it was worth a shot and I am glad I did – I snagged 8 large pots of trailing petunias for $.99 each.  I threw in some little $.25 flags from the party supply store and we were ready to roll.

Next up was the top of the piano.  I was rather clueless, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.  I found a couple of printables that I framed and made some pinwheels from $.20 scrapbook paper.  The large white vase I added some blue painter’s tape to for added color.  To top it off I threw all of my star cookie cutters in an apothecary jar for display.


Last but not least on the decoration to-do list was this little ditty.  I had had a random piece of MDF board laying around the garage since the day we moved in (the previous owners had left it behind and it has been too large to fit in the garbage can).  So when I saw 320 Sycamore’s painted flag I said “ah-HA!” (seriously I did) and ran to get the board.  I used white and red paint I already had laying around (free from the dump, thank you).  I bought some star stickers and blue acrylic paint to finish it off, then placed it in the back window so we’ll be able to see it tonight while we’re in the backyard.  Total cost – under $2.

Now I’m off to finish the food.


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