Rachel’s Baby Shower

On January 15 I was honored to be able to help in throwing a baby shower for my sister in law Rachel.  My mother in law hosted the event and split the cooking duties.  Sister in law Sarianna worked with Rachel to plan the menu and then did alot of the cooking.  I planned the invitations and decorations, with input from Rachel.

We chose a theme of turquoise, white and red. The inspiration came from Rachel’s nursery, which they had talked of painting light turquoise, with a large white branch with a red owl atop.  Rachel was adamant that she did not want pink, purple, Winnie the Pooh or shower games.  So we tried a different approach.

Instead of a traditional shower, we hosted an open house with a hot soup bar (three choices), fruit tray, homemade cranberry punch, yummy bread choices, and lemon or red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  Also, as part of the decorations I put red and white candies in varying jars and provided some little goody bags for guests to get a last treat before taking off.

As for decorations, I made some red and white bunting, that we put up inside and out, and some turquoise tissue paper pom-poms.  In the center of the table I put a branch with little red owls hanging from it.  In the living room we hung a clothesline to display all of the cute baby outfits.  We also put out an “advice jar” and made all of the attendees write down a piece of advice for the new mom.

Rachel had a great turnout, around 50 people total, and we stayed on our toes for the three hour open house.  It was such a good time to see such a wonderful girl be celebrated so joyously.  And I can’t wait to meet my new niece (who will be arriving any day!)

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

You did a great job decorating!! I love the entryway when you come into the house. So festive! The pom poms look so great. I also love the little red owls on the branches.