Missouri Vacation: Part V {Krug Park}

After Saturday’s birthday party, we were all a little bushed and used Sunday to recuperate.  Kind of.

Matthew didn’t dodge the Stomach Bug bullet and was felled late Saturday night.  The rest of us went to church Sunday morning while he stayed home to rest and recuperate (we had learned that although intense, the Bug didn’t seem to last longer than 6 hours for anyone; you just had to ride it out).

The kids were so cute trooping into church together.

Elliott appreciated the fact that Tracy’s church served Mt. Dew at the coffee bar AND let you take it into the worship service.  Score for him!

We took is easy in the afternoon and when naps were over we decided to try and take the kids to Krug Park again (after being rained out before).  This time the weather stayed lovely (though hot) and we brought some bread to feed the ducks and fish.


Tracy and her kids had to head back for dinner at Grandma Sherry’s, but after awhile I realized their van hadn’t left the parking lot yet.  So I checked on her – only to discover that the Stomach Bug had hit poor Levi, who had lost his cookies all over the van.  I called Matthew to let him know what was happening and offered to wait around for Tracy, doing what little I could to help, but she waved me off saying she had it under control, so our family went further into the park to hit a playground for awhile before heading back to Matthew and Tracy’s.

The  rest of the night was uneventful.  I am pretty sure I failed to feed the kids dinner (Elliott pointed it out to me, but they didn’t seem bothered by it because they had eaten so much bread at the park) and after they went to sleep Elliott and I watched a Redbox movie on our laptop in bed.  I decidedly “down” day.

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