Missouri Vacation: Part IV {Birthday Party}

Although the Stomach Bug was underway, we hoped it would pass the rest of the family by.  And since both Tracy and Jessie woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (well I will say Jessie did at least, I didn’t check Tracy’s bottom, he he he!) Saturday morning we went ahead with the big activity of the day -


What a big girl my niece had become!  She had grown so  much in the last year (don’t they always?) from this -

to this -

What a cutie patootie, right?

OK, now that we have ogled the baby….

Tracy had planned to have a party for Jessie in her church’s atrium that afternoon, to accommodate all of the family and friends that were planning on stopping by.  It was a “come and go” type party – just drop in, have a bite to eat, say hi to the birthday girl, take off if you have to.  She purchased some deli meat and cheese trays, as well as veggies, fruit, chips and drinks.  Yum!

Everyone had a wonderful time!  There is a little playground off of the atrium where the kids played on and off for most of the party…

_AVA on Swing

…if they weren’t crafting with Grandma Janell.


Like I said, the spread was delicious,….


the decorations appreciated (my contribution to the event, I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to recreate it for Jessie)

… and the cakes divine.  Yes, I said “cakes”, plural.  Tracy ordered a cake (and cupcakes) from Sam’s Club for the guests…


And Jessie’s grandma Sherry made the birthday girl her own special “First Birthday” cake (a family tradition).


Although tentative at first, Jessie figured out the whole “let me make as big of a mess as possible” party behavior pretty quickly. 

Big brother Levi was more than happy to lend a hand.

Even my girls cheerfully did their part.

It was a great day!  Lots of family, friends and laughter.  The perfect combination for a first birthday party.

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Tracy Lindley said...

Aww...such a nice summary :) Thanks for the fun reminder of a great day, Sis! We're so glad you and the family could share it with us!