Missouri Vacation: Part II {Farm Field Trip}

Although Thursday was a planned “down day” we still had some things on the schedule.  We had some playtime…

… breakfast, …

…craft time,…

… mulberry picking,…

… and cleaning up the aftermath of the mulberry picking (look at those purple feet!)

Everybody was up and around (and naps taken) by early afternoon when Travis and family showed up to hang out (and stay for dinner).  Tracy had arranged for us to have a little “farm” field trip, out to the country to visit her mother-in-law’s farm animals (chickens and horses) and then on to the dairy where she gets her milk, to pet the baby cows and goats.

The kids (and grown-ups too, let’s face it) had a great time!

After we finished up at the dairy, we decided to head into St. Joseph and visit Krug Park (I wanted to share it with the girls) but it started to rain (downpour is more like it) right when we got there, so I just had Elliott drive around a bit and look at some old haunts downtown.

That evening we had a great time visiting with family at dinner, …

making cookies with Tracy, …

… and trying to get all of the kids into the tub (look how dirty the tub was when we were done, eeewww!)

A full day!  But tomorrow held even more fun….

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