Valentine's Treats

I've been working on some fun treats for all those in our lives we love and appreciate.

Valentine's Cards

We made some fun Valentine's cards for Ava and Lily's preschool class, as well as their Bible Study classmates.  We started with these pictures (I just posed them against a blank wall and told them to hold out there arm):

Then I threw them into Photoshop, wrote their names (with my new favorite font Honey Script) and added some digital scrapbooking elements I had picked up for free from Digital Design House:

I took advantage of a "99 prints for $.99" sale at Shutterfly awhile back and printed each out as a 4x6 photo (for a penny!).  The finishing touch - cutting a couple of slits and sliding in a Dum Dum sucker: 

Fun huh?  The original idea has been floating around the web for a few years and I remembered it.  I also had a bunch of Dum Dum suckers to use up, so there ya go.

Treats for Teachers (and Co-Workers)

A few years ago I made "Bear Hugs and Kisses Jars."  So I recycled the idea for this year.  Here's the label I made, using a free template from I Heart Faces (via their Facebook page):

I created a full sheet of labels and sent it (via email) to my local Office Max and had them print it out on a full sticker sheet; then I just cut them apart.  I added some Hershey's Kisses and Teddy Grahams to some jars which I had running around the house (supplemented by some jars from Momma Kay), painted the lids (tried to at least) and made enough for grandparents, our preschool teacher, Bible Study teachers, and Elliott's co-workers. It was so much fun!

Valentine's Cookies

I wanted to make a little treat for the ladies in my Bible Study group.  I saw an idea to package individual large cookies in CD sleeves.  So I ordered a pack of 100 CD sleeves of of Ebay (super cheap!) and settled on a recipe for Big, Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies which I had bookmarked in my Google Reader account (by the way, they turned out beautifully).  Then I used the template for cookie favor labels  but threw them into Photoshop to change them up and personalize them:

(These too were printed off via the Office Max/full sheet sticker trick). Lastly, I packaged them up:

I am having a hard time staying out of the cookies right now, they look so good.  Elliott too is upset I didn't make extra.  I told him he'd have to wait to see what was left after tomorrow; I think he's crossing his fingers.


Jennifer B said...

love the cute ideas. I thought about trying to do something fun, then got sick and moved on. You are so awesome. Just wishing I lived closer and could have sugar because it all looks so adorable and delicious.

Tracy Lindley said...

Ha! I wish I lived closer too because I know I would get one of those yummy cookies :) Great ideas and well executed, extremely adorable on all 3 projects. Here's hoping Elliott gets some cookies after all...

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow! Super cute ideas! I love them all!