Valentine's Day Projects

Hugs & Kisses Jars

I saw this project over at the cute blog Trey & Lucy. And since I had alot of these in my cupboard already....

I decided to use her inspiration to turn them into these ...

Aren't they adorable? I filled the inside with Teddy Grahams ("bear hugs") and Hershey's Kisses ($.29 after Christmas ... oops, should I have revealed how cheap I am?). Then I created the label and then loaded it into Word labels. They say "Bear Hugs & Kisses from the Kay Girls" with their portraits. On the lid, I decoupaged scrap fabric (leftovers from Piper's baby quilt) to tie it all together.

Butterfly Valentines

The time has quickly arrived when my girls are participating in social traditions like birthday parties and Valentine card exchanges (I am already overwhelmed at the though that this is just the beginning). I want to try and be cute ("try" being the operative word) so when I saw these simple Valentine's greetings on Skip To My Lou (the cutest blog ever) I put them together. Aren't they cute? (Am I overusing that word today?)

Skip to My Lou has a printable template, which I used with pink cardstock. Ava and I embellished with heart stickers and little stick-on gems). Then you cut a slit in them and slide in a sucker (which I had around the house). Ta-da!

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Camille said...

Adorable!! I wish we had someone to give Valentine's to! Well, I guess we do have grandma and grandpa in town. I just put a ton of glass jars in the recycle bin... :-) Thanks for the great ideas!