Week in Review

The last seven days have been pretty full around here!  We started the new week off last Sunday, dedicating Emma at my church (pictures to come).  It was such a joy to have Elliott's sisters Rachel and Sarianna, along with their spouses and children, join us for the church service and dedication.  (Grandma and Grandpa have church at the same time and couldn't make it since they are Sunday School teachers.)  Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at Chili's with Rachel and Derek, then picked up a few groceries before heading down to Provo for family dinner to celebrate my niece's Rose first birthday.  Rachel did an amazing job on the cake, using a marshmallow fondant recipe she found. 

Just beautiful.  The pictures don't do it justice (my colors are a little off).  I have since decided that cake decorating is not going to be "my thing" in the Kay family; Rachel and Sarianna have it down.  I'm sticking with cupcakes.

Monday was Rose's actual birthday, so the girls and I joined Rachel, Derek and Rose for a little outing to the LDS Church History Museum on Temple Square. We had never been and Derek told us there was a fun play place upstairs, so since it only cost us the amount of parking we were in. Although I am not LDS and thus the actual church part of the museum didn't mean as much to me, the historical artifacts and documentation were pretty neat. The girls too had a good time in the play area (naturally) and lasted awhile playing nicely there.  Afterwards we popped over to daddy's work and joined him for lunch at the cafeteria. 

Diorama of historical Salt Lake City
Gorgeous vintage quilt

"Planting" veggies

"Fishing" with a magnetic rod and fish (Piper's favorite ativity!)

Ava's "house"
Valentine's Day was busy with preschool parties and trying to finish up last minute Valentine's Day treats and gifts.  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Wednesday was Bible Study day.  I had all the Valentine's treats ready to go plus made some sausage-cream cheese rolls for the ladies (my turn to bring food).  Needless to say I was thankful for the stroller basket to haul all the goodies inside!  I got called out of class early though because Lily started having what her teachers thought was some sort of asthma attack, but turned out she had caught her daddy's cough and was just coughing so much after running around in the play area that she couldn't catch her breath.  We packed up shop and headed home a little early and got the youngest three down for naps.  After naps, we went to daddy's work to pass out our Valentine's jars to his co-workers and extra cookies for daddy.

By Thursday morning the older three girls seemed to be coughing a bit, so I decided that we would all just stay home from preschool and take the day off.  I got caught up on some cleaning and managed to do some organizing in my closet/bedroom.  An easy-peasy day.  But the night was a different story.  Piper is almost entirely potty trained now (yeah!) but the downside is that at night she is constantly coming out of her bedroom saying she needs to go potty.  I have gotten fairly used to the trips right after we put her to bed, but the middle of the night trips I dread.  I want so badly to tell her to go back to bed and pee in her pants, but I can't very well do that can I? 

So Thursday night Piper was up and down from about 2:45 am until 4:30 am, not sleeping and saying she needed to go to the potty.  Throw in a few Emma wake-ups and a Lily bad dream and you have one tired momma.  I finally gave up at 6:20 am and just got up for the day.  A few pots of coffee later and I kinda had my legs under me.  I had planned on meeting Grandma at Cabela's to let the girls view the aquarium animals and all of the stuffed creatures, but between everyone's rough night I decided naps were more in order.  After the younger three woke up we met Grandma half-way to send Ava back for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house with her cousin Linden.  Poor Lily!  She was so sad that she wasn't going too and cried that she would be so lonely without Ava.  But the rule is you have to be at least four years old to have a sleepover, so I tried to console her that she only has a few more weeks until she turns four. 

Since it was only 3:30 or so and Elliott was working 'til 5/5:30  I decided to take advantage of our proximity to IKEA for a quick stop-in, with a sidetrip to Walgreens and drive-by of my new church building (opening in just a few weeks).  Playland at IKEA was full, which was fortunate for me since Lily wanted to go in and I told her she was still a little sick, so problem solved.  Of course they didn't have any items that I wanted but the girls burned off a little energy.  On the way back to the car Lily started complaining that her ear hurt.  Since Piper had complained of this last week (with a resulting doctor's visit which showed a perfectly normal ear) and Lily is the only child of mine who has previously had any ear problems, I decided to try to get us in the doctor.  And of course they are full, but you can walk-in with no promise of how long the wait time would be.  I called Elliott who, as Murphy's Law would have it, was actually home at 4:50pm.  We decided to take the girls out to a buffet for dinner (without Ava the other girls were free and there had to be something they would eat) then if Lily was still complaining of her ear pain we would all go to the doctor's office.

Things went downhill quickly during dinner, with Lily refusing to eat anything except a bit of yogurt and a few grapes. (Refusing ice cream and cake?  Yep, she's definitely not feeling well.)  And of course all the girls (including Emma) needed at least one or more bathroom trips during the outing, so I am sure the buffet workers enjoyed watching all of my trips to the potty.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Then Emma needed to eat.  No wonder I am still losing weight (slowly but surely): when do I eat?!?

After dinner we headed straight to the doctor's office and got in to see a nurse practitioner after about an hour wait, during which Lily spent half of the time crying.  One ear infection later we were headed home, where Lily joined Piper upstairs in Piper's bedroom for the night so she wouldn't be lonely (and I wouldn't have to trip downstairs for only one kid) and all three promptly crashed around 9pm.  I wasn't too far behind, and aside from being up once (maybe twice) with baby in the night I got caught up on my sleep and even slept in a little ('til 8).  Piper and Lily didn't have much of an appetite at all on Saturday, so we just rolled with it and kept putting food in front of them anyway.  Elliott and I got some things moved and cleaned up around the house, putting storage stuff away in the storage room before heading down to Provo to pick up Ava.  We didn't stay long, but packed up the kids and hustled them home to eat dinner (well, Ava ate dinner anyway).  After we put them all to bed we ordered sushi (making up for a non-existent Valentine's dinner) and watched The Ides of March, which made both of us want nothing to do with politics (blech!).

Today we are playing catch-up, finishing up some of our chores we didn't do yesterday, enjoying some family time and planning to BBQ some yummy rib-eyes tonight (on the one day there is snow outside in several weeks, just Elliott's luck).

Now that you read this big, long post do you want some pictures of cute little girls?  Of course you do!

This is what you get when you ask Piper to smile big...

This is truly her big smile

Future BFFs
And last but not least, I forgot to show you this a few weeks back.  Ava brought me her coloring notebook one day and this is what she had written on the back (I did NOT  help her at all!).  I laughed so hard - and was mightily impressed by her English skills.

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