Valentine's Day Fun

The girls have been super excited about Valentine's Day this year.  Why wouldn't they be?  A day seemingly devoted to all things pink, flowery and sugary.  Yep, girl heaven.  In fact, I totally focused on them and kinda forgot about Elliott a little bit.  It's completely fine though, as the longer Elliott and I are together the more we agree it's silly to spend money on gifts.  So the only thing I asked for was flowers and we both agreed that was that.  And didn't he do a good job?

Anyway, since Tuesday mornings start off with preschool and my girls do not like to wait for breakfast I needed a game plan that got a special Valentine's breakfast on the table.  I opted for toast with strawberry cream cheese, which I stamped with a heart cookie cutter, and then I cut strawberries into heart shapes.  The girls loved it!

I also made sure everyone was decked out in a special Valentine's outfit.  Aren't we cute?

The girls had a good time at their preschool parties that day, and the pick-up and drop-offs kept us busy for most of the day.  Elliott and I planned on having a special sushi dinner after the girls went to bed, so I only had to think about what they would like for dinner.  Their favorite dinner ever?  Breakfast for dinner.  Those girls love breakfast for dinner!  So I pulled out my heart-shaped pancake shaper and cookie cutter to make the pancakes pretty.

Yeah, that didn't work too well.  They stuck to the shapers and oozed out when I took the shapers off.  Oh well, the girls loved watching me try.

I think the girls had a great Valentine's Day.  Elliott and I also enjoyed a "dinner date" after their bedtime, though our sushi plan fell flat on its face.  Their are only two sushi restaurants close to our house.  The first place I called told me they weren't offering take-out because they were so busy (duh!) and the second place didn't even answer the phone!  Seriously?!  Well, we cashed in a free pizza at Papa John's and still spent some quiet time together, catching up on TV shows.  Yep, we lead a crazy life, don't we?

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