Zoo Lights 2011

The first Sunday in December we headed up to see the Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo, something we really enjoyed last year and have decided to make an annual tradition.  It didn't hurt that I picked up a 50% Groupon for the event either, ha ha!

Zoo Lights is so special because you get to see the animals at night, a time of day when many of them are the most active, a side you can't see during normal zoo hours.  There are always two places we hit up during Zoo Lights - Santa Claus and the reptile house (in that order).

It was an awfully cold night when we went and we enjoyed every opportunity to be inside buildings.  There wasn't a line for Santa Claus this year (yeah!) and all of the girls were really excited to see him....

... until it was time to go up and see him then Lily got shy and wouldn't go near him.  But Ava and Piper enjoyed the moment.

Zoo Lights puts up all sorts of fantastic animal displays, and although it is difficult to get outdoor shots this picture gives you a little taste.

Then it was time for the reptile house (which also includes a large assortment of mammals too).  The girls looooove the reptile house!  The snakes are alert, the cats are pacing, and the animals that manage to sleep through the hub-bub are usually cuddled up right next to the glass giving you a great view.

Even Emma had a good time!

We topped off the trip with a visit to the tigers, who again were keeping watch over the visitors from their bridge overpass.  So cool!  Then, because we were all freezing our toes off, we hightailed it back to the car and called it a night.  Thank goodness for car heaters!

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Tracy Lindley said...

What fun! And I must say that your turquoise knit hat is DARLING! Cool idea, can't wait to steal it sometime :)