Holiday Cookie Fail

I was totally inspired by this picture...

Our Italian Kitchen via Pinterest

and I decided to try and do them myself.   I shouldn't have.

I used a tub of sugar cookie dough that I bought from my nephew Calder's school fundraiser.  I divided the dough in two and dyed one half green with Wilton gel food coloring (soooo much better than the liquid food coloring you find in the grocery stores).  Then I rolled out each half, laid them on top of each other and rolled them up pinwheel style.  I had Christmas sprinkles laying around (from some tubs of icing/sprinkles I bought several years ago) and I patted them on the outside of the log.  Lastly I sliced the log into cookies and laid them out to be baked.


The first batch wasn't too bad, but I the cookies really spread out during baking and all the edges smooshed together, obliterating the sprinkles.  Boo!  Also the slices were different sizes so some baked more than others, turning several a little too brown.

The second batch was even worse, with all of the cookies getting too crispy.  Some of the pinwheels looked really funky too.  Boo again!

The only redeeming factor was that they actually tasted pretty good, so I picked out the best of the best and packaged them up in a Christmas tin I got at a garage sale this summer for our preschool teacher, Mrs. Lockwood.  I also packed up another tin for her real Christmas present full of some preschool supplies I had around the house (gotta love stocking up on school supplies during the summer sales!)  I had read a discusion about what teachers really like to get at Christmas and useful school supplies and homemade goodies topped the list.  Hopefully we brightened her day a little bit!

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

The dough looks so cute. It's too bad the cookies didn't turn out as you'd hoped. I've tried four pinterest recipes lately and two were just ok and the other two were terrible. I got my teacher gifts idea off pinterest and it turned out really cute.