Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas, how about you?  Currently we are having a little bit of a Christmas hangover and need to detox from all of the sugar and excitement and just be boring for awhile.  But it was awful good while it lasted.

Christmas Eve we watched Elf while Elliott did his Christmas shopping (why do men always do wait 'til the last minute?  Or is it just mine?).  Then present wrapping and trying to keep the kids from going too crazy.  We watched the NORAD Santa Tracker on the computer (our favorite Christmas Eve activity) and I played some Christmas carols on the piano for the girls.  I had intended to go to a Christmas Eve service somewhere, but decided at the last minute that the kids really did need to go to bed early and since we were going to Christmas Day services with Grandma and Grandpa, it would be OK for us to just stay home. 

On Christmas Eve I let the girls open one present, which coincidentally enough always happens to be their Christmas jammies.

Matching Tinker Bell jammies

Emma opening her Christmas jammies

Santa Loves Emma (and so do her mommy and daddy)

Afterwards we read a couple of Christmas storybooks and the Christmas story from the Bible (we tried to at least, but the tired meltdowns had already started).  Then off to bed went the girls.  After they had settled down, Elliott and I indulged in our annual Christmas Eve tradition of sushi and a Christmas movie.  This year our selection was Love Actually (my favorite!)  After our dinner we arranged the presents under the tree (and decided it just didn't look like that much in the large front room) and I prepped our Christmas morning breakfast, Rhodes Monkey Bread.

The next morning the girls were all up around 7am and we tried to keep them away from the front room until we could all go in together (which meant after mommy fed Emma).  But eventually we made it!

Lily got a Sleeping Beauty necklace

Emma and mommy

Ava got a DVD - Felicity (from the American Girl series)

Lily was so excited for her present from Grandma & Grandpa Johnson!

The girls got quite a haul.  We really didn't spend alot, but I managed to cobble together a pretty solid showing from garage sales, homemade items, and coupon / freebie items.  Everyone got a movie, books, hairbows, and homemade playdough along with other things that they needed like shoes and pants.  Elliott got a much desired firepit for the backyard and I picked up a copy of The Help on DVD (something I was very clear about wanting) and The Cook's Illustrated Cookbook, a mammoth book overflowing with recipe perfection.

After presents we let the girls open their stockings, which were chock full of candy, chapstick, stickers, and lotion - all little freebies I had amassed.  It was strewn all across the living room in short order.

They didn't waste any time busting out the playdough

After presents and monkey bread we Skyped with Nana on the computer and talked to my dad on the phone.  Then off to Provo we went, to meet Grandma and Grandpa for church followed by lunch, more presents and Christmas dinner.

Emma was a happy camper

Lily got a new dress...

..and so did Piper!

Ava was very excited about her math book that Grandma and Grandpa got her

Elliott snagged a new rake (much needed)

Some more new clothes for Lily

The girls were so good about taking turns

Emma just hung out ...

... and got lots of love from Piper

Emma loved her presents too!
For dinner we were joined by the rest of Elliott's family.  Mom made both beef tenderloin and pork tenderloin, which was so tender, and I made Rosemary Au Gratin Potatoes, which were divine (the recipe is definitely a keeper!).  The meal was rounded out with rolls, a couple of salads and sweet potatoes, with cinnamon rolls for dessert.

It was a great day.  The weather was clear, the girls were happy, and the laughter was freely flowing.  It just doesn't get any better than that!

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Tracy Lindley said...

OMG--those girls are SO cute! I have many comments so I will stick to bullet points:
-I watched "Felicity" (only partly with Levi, mostly just for me) and it is a great flick as are any of the American girl movies
-Emma is DARLING! But then, they really all are, and so unique even though they're related--amazing...
-I appreciate the time it took to upload all the pics & describe the Christmas festivities, so thanks for taking time to do that. Bonus? It saves you from having to explain all the details I want to know.
-Ava's Vanna-like hand-waving of her math book made me laugh
-Piper's red headband for Christmas is simply beautiful and that girl can rock the color scarlet
-I don't blame Lily a bit for not wanting to sit on some fat old man's lap who she doesn't know
-You have a very adorable family and I can tell you guys had a great time together celebrating the birth of Jesus. What fun! Love you guys!