Zoo Lights

Sunday night was fairly mild and we decided to try and squeeze in some sort of outdoor Christmas-y activity.  Elliott really wanted to go to Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo so that is where we went.  Zoo Lights happens after dark at the zoo, when they turn on a bunch of light displays to enjoy as you stroll through an abbreviated version of the zoo itself.  Alot of the animals go to sleep (naturally) but we discovered some pretty cool things can happen after dark at the zoo.

We bundled up well to keep warm because, even though it was milder than normal, there was a large front of fog that rolled in and-  it is winter after all.

Some pretty awesome things happened that night.  First, the girls got to see Santa.

Ava and Lily loved it.  They told Santa they wanted puzzles. (This picture could be on our Christmas cards, right?  Priceless.)

This is as close as Piper would get to Santa.

Second, we discovered that the reptile house is the place to be after dark.  All of the reptiles were extremely active and the building also houses an assortment of mammals (porcupines, monkeys, wallabies, etc.) who were so sleepy they were not at all bothered to hang out right in front of the glass and entertain our girls.  It was awesome! 

Piper’s favorite animals were the wallabies and a wild cat, who kept pacing back and forth right in front of her while she squealed and walked laps with him.

The third great thing about our zoo outing were the tigers.  They were wide awake and keeping guard.  One paced the fence to all of the zoo visitors’ delight, and another hung out on the little overpass watching all of us as we walked underneath him.  They were just so close!

(It was so foggy that the camera captured the moisture!)

We had a great time, enjoyed lots of fun animals and a creative light show.


Tracy Lindley said...

Man, that looks like such a fun time--what a cool Christmas tradition! Yeah, that picture with Santa is A-DORABLE! Love ya :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Sounds so fun! I love that *look* Piper is giving Santa! So funny!