Christmas at Daddy's Work

Today Elliott's work hosted a luncheon and mini party for the employees and their families.  So we decided to go (who doesn't like a free lunch?)

They had a Santa for the kiddoes and I must say - impressive.  Real beard and everything!  The only other one we have seen this season was at Zoo Lights (more on that later) and he had a fake beard.  I am a sucker for a real Santa beard, aren't you?

The girls did really well with Santa and told him what they wanted, although their selection of gifts included things I had never heard of.  Ummm, not sure they are going to get what they asked Santa for if they don't tell their mommy too.  Piper froze up and had nothing to say (unusual huh?) so I helped her out by offering a gift suggestion (stickers, which I realize is not currently in my stash of gifts, oops).

Then it was Emma's turn.  She was a happy camper and looked so very cute up there, all cuddled in to his red velvet.  I swoon.

After our Santa visit we headed over to the cafeteria for a yummy Christmas buffet, complete with prime rib, ham, green beans, potatoes, rolls, and carrots.  There was also a mini salad bar and large dessert layout.  Everything was scrumptious!

During the lunch there was live entertainment in the form of fiddles, banjos, and lots of old-time sounds.  I even asked one of the players what was the difference between a violin and a fiddle.  Her answer: "Attitude."  Don't you just love that?

The fiddler in front is 96 3/4 years young!
The girls were enthralled with the music and Piper really got into it, clapping along with some songs and cheering them on when they finished.
Santa and reindeer headgear courtesy of a shopping trip with mommy to Jo-Ann Fabrics
But nothing compared to how much I laughed watching Piper eat her eclair for dessert.

Yes, it was a mess to clean-up but the entertainment value alone was worth it!

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