Emma's Baby Blessing

Emma's big day came on Sunday.  We held her LDS Baby Blessing.  At nearly four months old, she is older than the other girls were when they were blessed, but our original date in November got scrapped when the whole family got sick (including me).

We decided to hold the event as a family gathering at Mom and Dad Kay's house in Provo.  We have done that for two other girls (we blessed Lily in Las Vegas) and always end up having a great family time.  Elliott's friends, the Pattersons, were also able to join us as was Momma Kay's neighbor (and my friend) Jackie Porter along with her two girls.

Mom and Dad's bishop wasn't able to make it, which was a little sad because he had blessed our other two, but the counselor he sent was familiar to me and seeing a familiar face was nice.  (I guess that shows how many church events we have gone to with mom and dad over the years, huh?)

It was a lovely blessing and (like all the others) especially meaningful having Emma's grandpa administer it.  Emma was extremely tired and started to cry right after they started (so many new faces and mommy wasn't holding her!) but we powered through.  Afterwards, all the kids (even the big, grown-up ones) were quite hungry and Emma needed a nap, so we didn't get as the group pictures we normally do.  But I think the ones we were able to take turned out beautifully!

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