{Homeschool} Math: Place Value

In mapping out our homeschool year, I basically planned out the order I wanted Ava to learn math.  When I decided that the step beyond basic addition and subtraction would be place value, I turned to my trusty Pinterest to help me figure out some fun tips and tricks to teach it.

Using Styrofoam Cups

PicMonkey Collage

Using stackable styrofoam cups to represent the place value (ones, tens, hundreds) of numbers is a great visual aid.  I would have the girls spin the cups then tell me the number they created.  Although I made a “hundreds” cup, we usually stuck to tens and ones.

Place Value on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find little fun videos for the girls to watch to learn in a very visual way.  Though I don’t have specific examples for you, dig around a little and you will find something that works for you.

Library Books

Another things that my friend Michelle told me about was making the “ones” into a house and the “tens” into apartments.  So I used freezer paper and put a large roll of it on the floor.  Then I gave Lily and Ava dot markers and had them make a house then an apartment, explaining that when there are more than 9 people in the house, they have to move to an apartment.  Ha!  They liked it.

Of course I also supplemented with fun worksheets I have from books I have gathered at thrift stores and garage sales.

There are lots of other activities to be found if you do a quick search on Pinterest.  Here are a few others that I wasn’t able to squeeze in or I found after our course was done.  I hope all of these ideas are helpful!

Q Tip Painting

Place Value Bingo

UNO Place Value War

Place Value Paint Chips

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