Life in Pictures {Winter Edition}

I got a new quilt top pieced.  The colors are turquoise, coral and lime green.  It doesn’t sound like it should work – but it does! I love it.  The color scheme grew out of some scraps I had, which I supplemented with a few new prints from the quilt store and an old Gymboree shirt I cut up (seriously, cutting up little girl shirts is getting to be a go-to bag of tricks; there are some cute prints).  I found the pattern on Riley Blake’s blog (who is one of my favorite fabric designers – Emma’s baby quilt is her fabric).


I wish I could tell you what they were spelling, ha ha!

I found an old puzzle which originated from my grandma’s house.  The United States is on one side, but apparently that was too simple, so Ava and Lily flipped it over and put together a puzzle of the world map.  What smartie pants!


Ava took some great pictures of Piper and Lily:

A thrift store visit produced a knockout dress that I picked up for my next hot date night (like I have a lot of those, ha!).  The hair’s not looking bad either.


Ava built an amazing tower out of whatever she could find around the house.  I don’t think putting it all away was as much as building it, but she was so proud and wanted me to take a picture of her accomplishment.


Middle of the night daddy lovin’.  Sometimes all you need is a hug.

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