Utah County Fair

We made a trip to the Utah County Fair again this August.  It is seriously my favorite summer activity, and even though the Salt Lake County Fair is right down the street from me, I have a soft spot for the Utah County Fair.  I feel like everything is just a little more local, a little more rural, and hence a little more homey to me.  Just like a fair should be.

I can’t say we spent that much time there, but it is always just enough to fill my tank ‘til next summer.  We get our share of farm animals (for the kids) and home ec projects (for mommy), then head home.

This year they had a small petting area, which caused major excitement and ecstasy in our household.  Emma’s love of animals was on full display and all four girls were just perfectly happy to stay in the small area, trying to get the animals’ attention.


I enjoyed myself in the home arts pavilion, enjoying the quilts, canned food and crafts:


We had a great time and enjoyed our annual family summer tradition.

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