Life in Pictures

Creating masterpieces:

Playing lots and lots of dress-up:

Now that Emma likes to get into the kitchen trash can, I needed to tuck it into the pantry at all times.  However, every time I opened the door to throw trash away, the over-the-door holder would slam back and forth.  Grrr…     So I solved the problem! 

I added some hooks into the studs and hung it inside the pantry.  I didn’t want to lose the storage and it fits perfectly.  I love it!


Now the trash can lives in the pantry and I don’t have to worry about what is Emma is pulling out of it (and most likely putting in her mouth).


I forgot to show you the number “1” I made for Emma’s birthday party:


Isn’t it darling?  I had pinned it on Pinterest and was determined to make it (I had also used it for my niece Jessie’s first birthday earlier this year).  It’s made up of some of my favorite pictures from her first year of life.  And it makes me happy.  I left it up for quite awhile.

The garden just keeps plugging away.


We have been overrun with cucumbers (giving them away to any willing participant).  I guess that’s what you get for having as many plants as we did (but last year they all died, so we didn’t have much hope for this year; they proved us wrong).

Ava found the largest slug one day.  She couldn’t bear  not to play with it for awhile:

I never showed you what we got Elliott for Father’s Day in June:


I ordered a print off Etsy and the girls added their handprints to create the tree.  I also dug out his Fathers Day present from 2008 to add to the mix (the D-A-D photo) along with our cards.  They now hang proudly in his office at work.

Some Daddy Play Time:


And finally, the girls helping Grandma pick raspberries earlier this summer:


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