Emma’s First Birthday

On August 28, Emma Elizabeth turned one.  To celebrate the day I couldn’t think of anything she would enjoy better than seeing animals.  That girl is CRAZY about animals, all shapes and kinds.  Lucky for me it was the last $2 Tuesday for the season at Thanksgiving Point, so the girls and I headed over to Farm Country first thing in the morning.  We got there a few minutes before they opened – and the line was already way past the building.  (Apparently I wasn’t the only smarty pants trying to take advantage of the situation.)


Never mind, we didn’t care in the least about waiting.  The girls had a great time just hanging out.  And Birthday Girl was having a blast!


Once we got inside, Emma exploded with joy even more.  All the goats, sheep, and chickens she could see?!  It was a dream come true for her!079080

Admission included a pony ride, which the bigger girls ate up:


We packed a picnic lunch and found a spot on the grass to enjoy it before heading back home.

That night, even though Emma was too young to appreciate it, we decided to continue our birthday tradition of going out to eat (usually the birthday person gets to choose).  I chose a Chinese restaurant because I thought Emma would enjoy all the meat and veggies.  Truth be told, we all like Chinese, so it was a huge hit!

Once we got home, we let Emma open her presents – which she loved!  She is a pro these days at pulling things out (love that stage, ha ha ha!) so she just loved the tissue paper in the bags.


After all the festivities Emma crashed.  She had had a very full – and fun first birthday.


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