Our New Swingset

I had been saving up for awhile to buy the girls a swingset.  We have a Little Tykes climber with little slide that has gotten a lot of use in the past, but the girls are outgrowing it.  They use it mainly for spying on the neighbors over the fence.

Elliott and I talked a lot about it last summer, but never quite got around to it.  But as we watched the girls make great use of Grandma Kay’s neighbor’s swingset, we decided we needed to bit the bullet.  I saved up for a metal one (which are about half the price of the nice wooden ones) which proved to be easier to do when it isn’t garage sale season, ha ha ha! 

I did the research, scouring the internet for the model which would have all components we wanted.  I wanted it to have a glider and space for at least three swings and a little slide; pretty much I wanted to have one like the neighbor’s.  After a lot of shopping around, I discovered the one I wanted at Wal Mart online, which would ship to store for free and then I could pick it there.  It was around $250, so I saved up for another week and when I went to buy it – IT WAS ON SALE!  That never happens to me!  I was so excited; in the end I saved about $70.

When it arrived I went to the store to pick it up, clearing out the van of all carseats to give me the most room and crossing my fingers it would fit.  No worries, the box turned out to be much smaller then I thought and fit with no trouble at all.  It was a little heavy, so someone helped me out to the van with it and Elliott I got it into the backyard together when I got home.

Elliott spent a Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon putting it together and the girls were enjoying it in no time. 

Since the swing has been up, I have purchased a third swing and replaced the monkey bar-type feature, trying to alleviate fighting over the two seats.  Well, the third swing seat happens to be yellow, so not the girls just fight over who gets the yellow swing.  Oh well, I tried.  But here’s the great part – all three now know how to swing by themselves!  I don’t get called outside to push them and even Piper can pump their legs to get them going.   Now if they would just stop arguing about that darn yellow swing…

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Tracy Lindley said...

Congratulations! The girls look like they're definitely enjoying it and I'm really impressed that Piper knows how to swing herself! Levi has not yet mastered this skill though I haven't tried very hard to teach him and he doesn't get much practice since we really don't go to the park but a couple times a month probably. And even then, I encourage him to do things that involved running or climbing since you have witnessed his energy level :)