April Updates {Life Via Facebook}

April 2
I'm baking today. I made some lemon cupcakes for Easter, strawberry-lemon muffins for the girls, and I have some sugar cookie dough chilling in the fridge for Easter cookies.

April 3
In less than a month a Yahoo article says I will have reached the happiest age of my life, 33 years old. Woo hoo! I can't imagine being any happier than I am right now, but if they say so...

After a productive morning at IKEA, Emma's room is starting to come together. (Free childcare and food help the day too!)

April 5
I actually SLEPT last night, courtesy of early bedtime, sleeping pill, daddy taking a shift and baby only getting up twice. YES! Thanks Elliott!  I feel alot better today.

April 6
Going to try dyeing eggs with the girls today. I am terrified! Those girls around cups colored dye? Aaagghh! (This is from the mom that doesn't like glitter either).

Good Friday is here but SUNDAY'S COMING!!! Hallelujah!

April 7
Just made Resurrection Rolls with the girls and Piper was a little upset that "Jesus" wasn't in her "tomb" at the end.

One Direction on SNL:  Boys that age should not have pants that tight.

April 8
Getting 5 girls Easter ready this morning = worth it.  HAPPY EASTER!

April 9
Good thing I happened to glance in the trash can. Apparently that is Piper's definition of "laundry basket".

April 10
I am pretty sure we have enough Easter eggs to last the girls candy fix well into June. Geesh!

April 11
Maybe Elliott and I should rotate our mattress more often. We are shocked at how much firmer (and free of "valleys") the other side is.

April 12
Had to reorganize the freezer just now. My refrigerator freezer is now almost entirely full of baby food. Your welcome Emma.

Anyone having one of "those days"? Piper has peed in her pants 4 (4!!!) times today (not sure she has actually used the toilet) and Lily isn't listening to anything I ask her to do. All three are currently sitting at dinner refusing to eat pork chops (which are yummy) and asparagus (which may be questionable) and requesting to go to bed hungry. I may just let them. (Typed with glass of wine in hand.)

April 13
I have to give y'all a follow-up: Lily konked out by 6:25 while I was cuddling her, followed by Emma. I left Piper and Ava watching "Blue Seas" while putting baby to bed. When I walked over to the couch at 7pm to tell them it was time for Piper to go to bed I found Piper sitting upright, fast asleep and snoring.

April 15
Getting out into the yard today to prep for planting! I am excited, I think I have Spring Fever.

April  16
I'm kinda sad not to have celebrated Marathon Monday. I loved having random days off in Boston. But then again Utah gets Pioneer Day and Harvest Recess, i.e. first day of hunting season.

April 18
Elliott and I just cracked ourselves up making up pretend conversations Emma had today. Well, WE think are HILARIOUS! (So glad nobody else witnessed that though.)

April 19
Although it isn't technically a crawl, but more like a combination army crawl / worm dance move, Emma can certainly get where she wants to go these days.

Just printed off some Level 2 math worksheets for Ava - FOR FIRST GRADE! (She's not in Kindergarten yet.) Yet another reason to homeschool I think.

April 20
What a fun morning hanging with a girlfriend, her daughter and a little neighbor girl who wandered down to chalk with my girls.

Starting my birthday festivities tonight - dinner with Elliott at The Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek Center. Thanks Rachel for watching the girls!

April 21
Getting ready to buy disposable diapers for Emma FOR THE FIRST TIME since she was born almost 8 months ago. Not too shabby! (Between stocking up prior to and using mostly cloth diapers, we have done well.)

BEYOND EXCITED! I have been saving up money for a swingset for the girls, did my homework and settled on one at WalMart. Today I went to buy it - AND IT IS ON SALE! I saved $70!! Now I will definitely have some money to buy an extra baby swing. Woo hoo!!

Note to self: do NOT send hungry Elliott to the grocery store on his way to pick up takeout.

April 24
Emma is using the best teething toy: a new (and washed) rubber dog chew toy. Seriously, it's awesome!

Why is that while surrounded by baby toys, Emma is inexplicably drawn to shoes and paper?

April 27
There is just nothing in this world that galls me more than kids who tell you they don't like the yummy food you took so much time to make. Last night it was roast chicken and potatoes, this morning breakfast casserole. (One guess who.)

April 28
My sweet baby daughter sounds like Gollum. True story.

April 30
I'm not entirely sure I sat down today! Well, here's my chance. Hello couch....

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