Haircut Time

Lily’s hair had gotten really long.  Really long.  And being the active little girl (shall I say tomboy?) that she is, she refused to do anything with it.  I could get it brushed in the morning (complete with tears) and perhaps pulled back into ponytails or braids, but as soon as she was out of my sight she would rip out the rubber bands and her hair would just fly about unchecked for the rest of the day.  Even when all the girls would be playing outside and Lily would be red-cheeked and sweaty, she would still refuse to let me pull her hair off of her face.

So I gave her an ultimatum: let me put your hair back or have Aunt Rachel cut it off.  She chose (yes she did!) to have Aunt Rachel cut it off.  She was especially excited about the prospect of not having to really brush it out anymore.

During a regular Saturday hair appointment for Elliott and I, I made sure that Rachel had enough time to fit Lily in too.

Can you believe how much hair ended up on the floor?

So much better!

Isn’t she so cute and sassy now?  Everyone comments on how much they like it, and Lily likes that I don’t fuss after her or try to brush it (a quick swipe will do).  Her little curly baby hair didn’t come back (sniff, sniff) but she has just enough wave in her hair (and pretty thick hair too) that her little bob does it’s own thing and actually looks like it is supposed to look like that.  Works for me!

We even had enough time for a quick touch-up for Piper, who still has her baby fine hair that just doesn’t seem to want to grow.  Oh well, Aunt Rachel cleaned up the shape and made it look as good as she could.

Isn’t Piper such a blondie?  Her hair is much lighter than any of the other girls.  We wonder if it will stay that way.


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Jennifer B said...

They are so cute! I think she will like it so much better.