Mothers’ Day

I had a great Mothers’ Day this year. Elliott did the best job to make me feel relaxed, taking care of breakfast, the kids, and the days activities. The girls greeted me in the morning with “Happy Mothers’ Day” and presented me with bookmarks they had made for me at preschool that had their picture from the first day of school on it (love them!). Ava even made me several homemade cards as part of my present.
Elliott made all of us waffles and stayed out of the kitchen for the entirety, including cleanup. The girls enjoyed watching him (and I enjoyed that he was being peppered with their usual questions about cooking).        
Emma hung out on the floor, finding tidbits to chew on (ha ha ha!)

I had thought about spending some time at Starbucks in the morning (courtesy of my Mothers’ Day gift – a Starbucks gift card) but was having such a laid back day that I stayed home and caught up on some computer work (enjoyable work, not chore work).  I was also able to Skype with my mom while Emma took her morning nap and wish her a happy Mothers’ Day too.

After Emma woke up, we went on an “adventure.”  Elliott drove us up Cottonwood Canyon, all the way to the end to see the ski resorts and then on the way back down we stopped a few places to hike.  I was ill-prepared for the hiking portion and only put girls in flip flops for the trip (duh Sarah!) but we made the most of it.  The air was so fresh and the thing that struck me was the smell of the baby pine trees.  It smelled so much like pine, but it was a scent that was so genuinely pure that I thought how utterly impossible it would be to truly capture this smell via chemicals.  No smelly candle could ever smell like that pine tree!

The second place we stopped was more of a historical site, so the trail was paved and easily walkable.  I let the girls have the camera to take pictures (which I will share with you later) and they had a great time discovering bugs and taking pictures of leaves.

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When the little people began to melt down we decided it was time for an early dinner and headed to our favorite Sunday night eatery – IHOP.  Elliott asked me if I had a preference since it was Mothers’ Day but honestly IHOP sounded good: the kids are guaranteed to eat their meals (because they love breakfast for dinner) and kids eat free after 4pm.  Win-win!

I had a great day being feted by my family and it was special to be with just them and to celebrate as an extended family (with grandmas) the next Sunday for family dinner at Grand Jerry’s (where we also got to see the solar eclipse through Grandpa Roy’s welding mask – so cool!)

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