Girls With a Camera

Lately the girls have been obsessed with taking pictures with my camera.  Sometimes I let them play with it around the house (but not too often because they have a tendency to wear the battery completely down).

Some shots are awesome.  Others were not so awesome.  I will spare you the picture of the flushing toilet or the millioneth shot of one of their toys.

When we went on our Mothers’ Day hike I also let them take some pictures.  I really like seeing their perspective (it’s funny to think how big grown-ups must look to them):


And here’s a few more (out of the 600+ they took) from their “photo shoot” the other day.  I will spare you the multitudes of Ava taking a picture of her shadow.


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Tracy Lindley said...

HA! Levi loves to do the same and it's fun to see the world through their eyes. Although most of the time, you just end up with a lot of butt/stomach shots similar to what you've got :) I do love the ones of their feet and Elliott grinning down at them, though, they're my favs!