Gardening, 2012

When we are asked “what did you plant this year?” and we start rattling off the list, I get a little overwhelmed at all that our yard will be producing this year.  We have:





Raspberries…. (don’t mind the rogue tulips)




Four rows of green beans, four green peppers, one Anaheim pepper, one row of cucumbers….


One row of beets, one row of onions, one row of carrots (and some mesculun greens)…


four large tomatoes and one Sungold cherry tomato (our favorite variety)…


and one zucchini, one yellow squash, and a row of butternut squash.

Whew!  Yes indeed, I feel tired just thinking about all the work ahead of me when they start producing.

After I took a picture of the strawberry bed (above), the plants started fruiting.  Big time.


They are so good!  OK, maybe I am looking forward to all of the work – if it means lots of yummy food.

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Tracy Lindley said...

What a gorgeous garden and not a weed in sight! Great job and I have no doubt that you will not let anything go to waste and the kids will have fun helping you pick. It's so great to let kids learn where food comes from and play a part in feeding themselves. Awesome job and so jealous!