Life in Pictures

Wanna see what Elliott and I eat every weekend?  Ha ha!  Homemade hamburgers with our own local beef (we bought 1/2 cow last year) on local hamburger buns with Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries.  (This particular night I also made sauteed mushrooms per Cook’s Illustrated – to die for results.)  Better than ANY restaurant ANYWHERE.

I picked up this extra tall stool at IKEA recently and I love it.  Now Piper can reach the sink with no trouble.  Before, the little stepstool we had still didn’t get her head much above the counter.

After a rough night last week I put Lily to bed at 6:25 and plopped Ava and Piper in front of Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet while I put Emma to bed (Elliott was working late.)   When I came out both girls were still watching.  15 minutes later this is how I found Piper – sleeping sitting up, snoring.  Easiest put-to-bed that week!

Flat Stanley came to visit us for a week; he especially enjoyed his time playing with Emma at the mall.

Emma also found a boyfriend at the mall.  He was so cute and wanted to keep giving her kisses.

During Lily’s sleepover last Friday the rest of us went to IHOP for dinner.  The Balloon Lady was there and we splurged on a treat for Ava and Piper on the way out.  Both were in love but Piper especially was ecstatic.

One of the girls’ favorite hobbies is borrowing the camera (with permission) and taking photos of things in their world.  Most of the pictures are pretty blurry, but these shots Ava took of her sisters really turned out:

Sisters playing together:

Inspired by my friend Holly and how she bathed her baby (duh Sarah, why have I never thought of this?!) I put Emma in the big bathtub this week:


Ava loves to write stories these days.  And her spelling is hilarious!  But she uses phonics just like she was taught, and because I that I can usually read what she is trying to say.  Here's a small example:

Once upon a time __ wolf named Ella.  Ella planted a seed and the seed grew and grew.

Can you read it too?  She wrote a whole story, with several additional pages about how the seed grew into a tree and the whole wolf family lived underneath.  The end.


Camille said...

I love that the picture of the "wolf" is an ant!! LOL They are so funny!

Holly said...

These are some great photos, Sarah. And, I'm glad to see how much Emma enjoyed her 'big girl bath'! xoxo

Travis Johnson said...

Haha, I'm glad you translated the Ava story for us.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I need to come to your house on a friday...those hamburgers look mighty good!!
Piper looks so sweet with her special balloon! All the girls are dolls. Love seeing there photos!