:: Tuesday Piper ran around the house shaking her fist toward heaven, hollering like an 80’s TV evangelist “Praise the LORD”.  It was hilarious!  I thought about stopping her, but knew she wasn’t doing it to be flippant so I let it ride.

::  Wednesday, after Bible Study, Lily melted down on the ride home.  By the time we got home she was a mess.  She threw a fit when Ava (as I asked her to) tried to unbuckle her.  I finally unbuckled her myself but couldn’t coax her from the car amidst her tears.  She said she was tired of walking.  I reminded her she hadn’t walked anywhere yet.  When she finally decided to exit the van, she threw herself from a seated position on the edge of the doorway to the floor of the garage, like a paraplegic would fall from a wheelchair.  I couldn’t believe it!  Then (of course) she cried cause she hurt herself.  But then she proceeded to “flop” around the garage, crying and saying she couldn’t stand up.  I didn’t even know you could throw you legs out from under you, but I am here to tell you – apparently Lily can.  I watched it and tried so hard not to laugh.  And amazingly when I started a countdown to lunch disappearing she was able to suddenly find her legs and walk inside by the count of ten.

::  We went and hung out at IKEA again last Friday.  I have figured out the system and I love it.  After I dropped of the girls for 90 minutes, I picked up my free coffee and plugged in my laptop to edit my blog book from last year.  I am gonna get so much done this way!

:: Flat Stanley came to visit us last week.  Truth be told, I didn’t really interact with him too much for the most part but during our outings on Friday we brought him along.  After IKEA we ran some errands (cheap Easter candy at Target) before going to play some more at the University Mall in Orem.  Afterwards we dropped Lily off for her first sleepover at Grandma’s house (you have to be 4) and headed home.  Man, it is crazy how much quieter and easier it seems with just one less child!  I felt the same way when Ava had her sleepovers.  Anyway, we took the rest of the family to IHOP for dinner (kids eat free after 4pm).

:: Lily was so jazzed for her sleepover at Grandma’s.  I realized after I dropped her off I forgot to give her a big hug when I left, but as soon as the car pulled into the driveway, she was out and inside, pulling out toys to play with.  She did manage to break away long enough to wave goodbye to us though.  Grandma reported that she was a sweet girl and Lily told us all the fun things she did – painted her nails, rode the big swing at the park, ate waffles for breakfast, went to Costco and got to try samples then ate a hotdog for lunch.  I’m sure there were also lots and lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses in there too.

::  Saturday we were to collect Lily, so we decided to meet halfway at Cabela’s in Lehi.  We had never been before, but Momma Kay said they had an aquarium and lots of stuffed animals.  She was right!  And the girls loved it!  What a fun time.

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Tracy said...

Dang, wish you had a video of Piper "Jesus Lover" Kay doing her fist pump to Heaven--that would have been awesome! They just don't warn you when they're gonna do something hilarious though or we'd be sprinting for the camera...