What We’ve Been Up To: Part 3

The week of March 19 was a bit of a blur, but we had a few accomplishments.  Monday night I enjoyed some time out of the house at my monthly ladies coffee with some other women from church, followed by a quick Target shopping trip (with no goodies to show for it, boo!).

Tuesday I made gnocchi, which is my guilty indulgence and a major diet no-no.  Flour and potato pasta?  Yes please!  I prefer it with alfredo sauce, but you can eat it any way you want; I made it once baked in the oven with cheese that was delicious.  This time I flash froze half of the gnocchi, because according to Giada on her Food Network cooking show I can just drop them frozen into boiling water for a quick meal.  I have yet to try it though, so I will let you know.

Wednesday we went to Bible Study at the new church building for the first time.  It is a beautiful place and there is so much more space for everyone.  The lobby has floor to ceiling windows with a grand view of the mountains.  It is so peaceful and invigorating at the same time.  Over on the children’s side of the building they have “boy” and “girl” bathrooms (which have really cute signs letting you know it is not your traditional men and women bathrooms) as well as the indoor playhouse that was a favorite of the girls’ at the old building.

Thursday I bought myself a random little “treat”: pretty file folders.

I also picked up a holder for them, that I attached to the wall in the kitchen next to my laptop.  Now it’s my own little office.


Elliott had a doctor’s appointment on Friday with our general “physician”, a lovely male nurse practitioner named Kevin Cottle  (the girls and I love him too).  For the last couple of years Elliott has had some random symptoms which trigger a panic attack and sent him to the hospital once thinking it was a heart attack.  This week he had another episode and we are going to start working again on trying to find the diagnosis which will cause this problem to stop, something we were unable to accomplish in Las Vegas.  Kevin’s a great guy and is working with Elliott to try and solve this puzzler (though he ruled out a heart condition right away, which was a relief to us).

Friday night Rachel and Derek came over for dinner.  I have been wanting to learn how to make sushi for awhile, and since Rachel and Derek do it all of the time they were my chosen mentors.  Plus a double date night is a lot of fun!  Rachel was a good teacher and I was amazed it was as simple as it was; I can’t wait to try it on my own (though not with any raw fish, only California rolls and shrimp tempura rolls.)

Saturday, March 25 we went garage saling and found Elliott a bicycle (a major wish list item he has been hunting for for a few weeks) and I bought a Christmas tree.  Funny story about that Christmas tree: I had spotted the tree at a garage sale the week before (“larger Christmas tree” was on my wish list), but talked my self out of buying it.  However I stewed and thought about it all week long and decided I would drive by the person’s house that Saturday and just ask them if they still had it.  The lady was actually sitting on her front porch when I pulled up and still had it in her basement.  Yeah!  It wasn’t until I got down in her basement to bring it up I realized what a behemoth it was.  Elliott and struggled to tie it down on the van’s roof. 

When we got it in the house I also realized I just bought a 9-foot Christmas tree and my ceilings aren’t 9-feet tall!  Ha ha ha!  Well, I only paid $25 for it (easily $250 in the stores at Christmastime) so I am going to hang on to it until Christmas, and if doesn’t work I will resell it (a very easy task at my price point).

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