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::  I sent Elliott out to play golf this afternoon with his brother Josh as a kick-off to Father's Day.  Don't panic, you still have a week.  But the course was booked next Saturday, so I thought "why not?"  It is a bee-you-tiful day here today, GORGEOUS, which I am very grateful for as one day last week we registered 107 in the van.  I I didn't think golfing in that would be that much of a treat.

::  Tonight I am going for a long overdue Girls Night Out, complete with dancing at some hot clubs on the Strip (supposedly that is the plan).  I have never been out to a dance club since I moved to Las Vegas.  I was six months preggo with Ava when we moved, then the babies just started coming.  It should be lots of fun (and an excuse to hit Old Navy for a new dress after Elliott comes home from golfing).

::  I have been trying to put all of my jumbled thoughts from the Casual Blogger Conference together and turn them into something productive.  Trips to Starbucks to work with coffee in hand and free wi-fi access have been speeding the process along.  Stay tuned to see what projects I have coming up!
::  This week has been medically trying week for our family.  Early Sunday (3 am) began with a 911 call and an emergency room visit for Elliott (don't worry, everything turned out fine), followed by a week of Lily being sick (vomiting, fever, stinky stinky diapers).  I am ready for a little break I think.  I don't mind cleaning up after sickness and caring for people, it's just the whininess that starts to get to me after awhile.  And I know Lily can't help it too much, she feels sick, but man it grates on you.  She is on the mend now (thank God) just in time for our family photo shoot tomorrow.  Hopefully she will smile.  :)

::  I cut my hair off again.  Not pixie cut short, but shorter than a bob.  I love it!  It really does take me only a few minutes in the morning (I know all hairdressers say that, but for me it's true) and I feel much more like myself with shorter hair.  A great summer 'do.

::  Elliott and I gave up our cable two weeks ago.  The first week with no TV was awesome.  The girls didn't seem to miss it and I felt so much calmer, more connected, and more productive.  Last week, not so much.  The sickness in the house caused us to have a major setback.  We were always watching some sort of movie, either for my own sanity (hello Julie and Julia) or theirs (hello Veggietales).  Hopefully we can get back on the bandwagon next week.  I really do love not having it as an option, although the physical TV is still there allowing use for movies and our Roku (to stream Netflix).  Then there is always all the shows on the internet.  But we decided we just didn't want it to run our lives and unplugged the cable.  Best.  Idea.  Yet.

::  Elliott and I have been going to the gym on a regular basis now (though not with each other).  He goes after he puts the girls to bed and I take them with me during the day, dropping them off at the daycare.  All of us are having a great time building this routine into our lives and I know it will make us a healthier and happier family.

::  We bought 1/4 cow when we were up in Utah for the conference.  Yep, a quarter of a cow.  Now let the cooking commence!

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Camille said...

Oh my goodness -- you said Sunday was rough, but that is ROUGH! I am so glad that everything turned out fine.

Seriously, call me next time to come get a kid from you! Ella would love a playmate and I have a car all summer long. ;-) I should have offered and next time I will!

Hope you had fun being a crazy mama on the Strip! The traffic alone drives me NUTS!

Have you had the beef yet? We think it is DELISH!