10 Things to Accomplish in 2010 - A Check Up

As it's now June 1, I thought I would reflect back on my list, "10 Things to Accomplish in 2010", and see how things are progressing.

1.  Focus on buying more organic or local groceries

It's hit and miss.  But I am truly doing better.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude that this statement can entail, but I try to say my little mantra - "baby steps, baby steps".  I have tried to focus more on the buying local aspect, as it hits a little closer to my heart.  Supporting the guy next door is what I like to do best.  I have been buying honey from a farmer down the road in Las Vegas, I just bought 1/4 cow from a farmer in Utah, the local "pick your own" farm just opened, and have also been buying into a produce co-op every week with my sister-in-law.  Although the co-op isn't strictly local, many of the products end up being local, so it's a mixed blessing.  I actually bought and processed 25 pounds of carrots through the co-op and though not organic they came from Arizona, so I patted myself on the back. 

One side effect of this life shift has also been my desire to getting back to basics in the food we eat.  So although not all my food may be local or organic, I have been trying to start with more raw ingredients.  This way, when I pop open a jar of self-canned carrots or ham and bean soup, I know exactly what's in it, the true ignredients.  That has been an awesome feeling!

2.  Complete my daily Bible journal (that I got last year for a present)

I have failed utterly at this.  Utterly.  But I keep telling myself to just pick up at any time, that I don't have to wait until a milestone to begin (like the first of the year).  So it still sits on my kitchen counter, waiting for me to try, try again.

3.  Master the art of breadmaking (and possibly pie crusts)

I don't know if I can say "mastered", but I have found a great couple of recipes that work well for me and have not bought store-made bread since the beginning of the year.  Pie crusts?  Well, since I don't eat alot of them I can't say too much, but I think I like the butter recipe better than the oil-based bersion.

4.  Visit a State Fair

I am actually planning a trip to Texas (sans kids and hubby) in September.  Woo hoo!!

5.  Attend a Continuing Education class

And I am also planning on attending the BYU Education Week, beginning August 16.  Class lists aren't available yet, but I know I will find something.

6.  Attend a blog conference

If you are reading this blog post, then you probably read my last one.  I did it!  Casual Blogger Conference 2010 was one of the highlights of my year so far.  It was amazing, mind-blowing, and everything else in between.  I just can't rave about it enough.  I am so glad I went!

7.  Attend my MFA reunion

August 6 weekend.  It's booked, hotel is reserved, hubby has been given notice to apply for vacation days.  Let the countdown begin!

8.  Go on a family vacation

As we attempt to apply ourselves towards paying down debt, I honestly can't see this happening right now.  We may however end up taking a "stay-cation" either here in Las Vegas or head up to Utah and visit some of the sights/fun things that we never seem to do.

9.  Lose 10 pounds

Although this resolution is still in the works, I am making progress (though not on the scale yet).  Elliott and I joined the YMCA and I have been attempting to make it at least 3 times/week.  With summer now in full swing and no preschool/Bible Study/etc. I should be able to up that to at least 4 times/week.  They have childcare in the mornings, so the girls love their "daycare".  And as I huff and puff my way through a class, getting schooled by the older lady in the knee brace next to me I tell myself: "Gotta start somewhere.  It's been seven years since you've been to the gym.  Bob and Jillian say you just gotta start somewhere."  And I am not ashamed that I am slow.  I am proud that I made it at all.  And an extra bonus - I have been listening to sermons from church I download to my iPod and enjoy while on the elliptical machine.

10.  Read one book per month

Honestly, I have to say I haven't kept track very well, but when I sit down and start ticking off titles I think I have read five up until now.  And I have a couple I am currently working on at home, so I think this one is on course.  I am still determined too, to read to Ava a bit more this summer and we have been hitting the library as a family pretty regularly.  The girls love the library and Lily loves to read books to herself. 

I am pretty excited to see how far I have come in six months!  And I can't wait to see how this list looks in December.  Oh yeah, I am already writing down things for my "11 Things to Accomplish in 2011".


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I think it's awesome how much of your list you've accomplished!! I don't make resolutions or goals because I don't want to be disapointed in myself later when I don't do them. Reading your list makes me feel so lame!

MomBabe said...

I'm glad that we could help you check SOMETHING off your list!