Picture Re-Do

I promise, promise, PROMISE to post some more pics of the girls and our activities this week, but since I only have a minute to type I wanted to get something up here (I'm such a slacker).  I have a million and one projects going at the moment (seriously, I have a slew of food, like taquitos and cake balls, in the fridge at the moment that need one more prep step in order for them to get into the freezer) so I chided myself today and tackled one.  Just finishing one project feels like an accomplishment on a Saturday.

This picture has been hanging in Piper's bedroom since, um...., forever.

Mmmm... let's see.  Parrots, alcohol and French advertising.  Nothing about this says baby girl to me.  And since I stare at this picture every night as I sit in the recliner chair in her room to put her to sleep and every day as I change diapers it really started to irk me.  I should do something with it.

The other night (why do all the good ideas happen about an hour before bed when you really shouldn't start a new project?) I got the idea to go check my wrapping paper stash.  For those of you who remember, I have been having a bit of a ghetto-fabulous obsession with wrapping paper of late.  Anyway, I thought I remembered purchasing some nursery-esque wrapping paper during the last Hallmark sale and wouldn't you know it.  I did.  And it was as large as the frame.  Hmmm... the plan was falling into place. 

Here is the finished product:

Isn't she darling?  I think I am in love.  I found a font I liked on the computer, sized it out in Word, printed in outline form, cut legal-sized sheets of pink wrapping paper (again with the wrapping paper), printed out the words, cut them out, glued them on.  And if I had had a Cricut it would have taken only two steps instead of a dozen, but hey who's counting?

It's a little bold in the room with it's lighter pink bedding, but since up until this point the room has acted more as a catch-all than a nursery I have the potential to change that.  I am thinking about a bolder fabric for the curtains (which again are a hot mess of neglect and "what I had on hand") to tie it together.  And creating a skirt for the changing table from the same fabric.  And maybe lightening up the paint on the frame.  Oh man, more projects idea an hour before bed?!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

It looks really great! (and cute) It had to be a lot of work cutting all those letters out! Good for you gettin' her done! :)

Tracy Lindley said...

Love, love, LOVE it!!! Good job, sis. You are much more hard-working than you give yourself credit for. It looks super-great and I agree, you don't want Piper growing up to be a wine-o thanks to subliminal messaging :) Love ya!