Ava's Third Birthday - Part 1: The Decorations

Ava turned 3 on October 21. In anticipation, I planned a few fun decorations:

Tissue paper pom-poms hung from the ceiling, above the dining table. I actually hung them up the night before, but they all fell down overnight so I hung them again in the morning. So much for getting a head start.

I like them. I think they will stay up awhile.

I made a banner which read "Happy Birthday", using wrapping paper (it was two-sided), clear Contact Paper and white duct tape. Gotta love ingenuity when you only want to use what you have laying around.

A close up of the banner. I cut out letters using the outline feature in Word and glue-sticked them on before covering with Contact Paper and cutting out the triangles.

I made pancakes in the letter shapes...

... then spelled out their names. Although I forgot to make a "Y", hence the shortened version.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh my goodness everything turned out so cute!! When you talked to me about making a banner out of duct tape and wrapping paper, weeeeell, it sounded a little getto, but it is beautiful!! Can't wait to see the rainbow cake!