I feel like Facebook has become my home for random thoughts, but then I thought I am probably depriving you of some sick thrill you get from my random thoughts. Or maybe you aren't feeling deprived at all. Oh well, you are going to get some today anyway:

1. I finished a "happy birthday" banner for Ava today using duct tape and wrapping paper. I know, I am so crafty! Now, on to the tissue paper pom-poms. I am trying to figure out what to 'do' on her special day (Wednesday) but so far have only come up with going to the cupcake store and letting her pick one out. Any other ideas?

2. I am so super excited about the birthday cake I intend to make for Ava. It's a rainbow cake, where each layer is a different color. Yeah, hope it turns out!

3. I have a weird, large pimple (eww, Sarah, oversharing) OR spider bite on my right thigh. I am praying it's not the latter.

4. I have decided it takes ALOT of energy to stay calm, positive, and patient with children. And that's why I am drained. It was a break-through thought for me!

5. I really want to decorate the house for fall (I know, it's October already, but it is just now getting cooler in Vegas and I still have a month) but I am too cheap. I can't stomach spending money on things I am going to have to put in storage in a month. I guess that's why other parts of the country do it ont he cheap with leaves that have changed color in their backyard or pumpkins you grow in your own garden. Boo! Again, I live in Las Vegas.

6. Ava knows exactly how to use the potty before bathtime. Perfectly, every time. But has zero interest in the process for any other time of day.

7. I have so many presents stashed away for kids for birthdays/Christmas from store and garage sales over the months that I just had Elliott help me pick out what to give Ava this week and what to save. Wow, they are lucky girls!

8. I am back to pre-baby weight. Now why did the weight redistribute oddly and my clothes still don't fit right? But I refuse to buy new clothes. Refuse!

9. I should be doing something else. But I can't think what. Darn sleep deprivation!

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Jennifer B said...

After reading your post I am trying not to cuss you out since Faith is so much older than Piper & I still have a ton of weight to lose.... OK I am taking a big breath. Thanks so much for taking today. I really appreciatte your friendship & advice. You are awesome!!