What We’ve Been Up To: Part 2

Monday, March 12 I took the girls with me to register Ava for kindergarten. (Where did the time go??) Elliott and I decided that the best option for our family was to enroll in our local year-round school. With Elliott’s busy summers, if we enroll Ava in a traditional “summers off” routine, we might not ever be able to spend any vacation time together. Although we are out of district, apparently it’s no big deal to enroll there anyway and it’s right down the road from us.

Truthfully, I am still wrestling with the idea of homeschooling. Although I feel completely unprepared and ill-equipped, the idea of sending my sweet, impressionable, kind-hearted little girl out onto the playground with all those other kids who might not be the best companions, seems so wrong. I am charged with raising my kids to love the Lord and behave a certain way and then, just when we are getting somewhere, I push them out of the nest and hand the reins to somebody else. Again, it just doesn’t seem right. So we’ll see.  Even though we are on the same page, Elliott and I still have a lot to discuss.

After registering at the school I took the girls over to the library to pick out some books. When we arrived we found out they were going to be having a “Preschool Fitness” class in about 45 minutes, so we stuck around, reading books, until the class started. It was so much fun! The songs really got the little ones moving and both Lily and Piper ate it up (Ava opted to go and read more books by herself). Although they only lasted about 15 minutes, I got such a huge kick out of watching them and think we definitely need to go back again.

After lunch, while some of the girls napped, I watched the new Footloose movie.  I still don’t know why they had to remake it if they were going to use the same scenes, dialogue, music, and even the same prom outfits.  It was good though (for those exact reasons).  After naps girls and I took a walk around the neighborhood to collect kindling for our second fire pit attempt. The weather was gorgeous and we stopped to play at our little playground for awhile as well. Once home the girls enjoyed playing with sidewalk chalk out front (which would turn out to be a favorite activity all week long). After Elliott got home that night it took awhile to get the fire going, but he finally made it work and we enjoyed it for awhile, until the girls had to go in to bed.
Tuesday Elliott took Lily to preschool like normal and I headed to IKEA for a Cloth Diaper Meet-Up group.  I found out about them online while researching cloth diaper resources in my area (since I am exploring sewing my own).  Turned out to be only one other lady and I, but since she was one of the head honchos and brought a plethora of cloth diaper examples for me to look at and dissect, it was a very successful encounter.  I came away with lots of great information and tons of new ideas.  The rest of the day was spent ferrying children to and from preschool and drawing with sidewalk chalk out front.

Normally on Wednesday morning the girls and I attend Bible Study, but this week our church was moving to their new building so class was cancelled.  So I invited my ladies group over for a time of fellowship instead.  Turned out a lot of the ladies had already filled in their free day with other activities but I had four come over and hang out for awhile, including my friend Stephanie who also has a three year old daughter whom all the girls love to play with (and vice versa I think).  It was a lovely time on a lovely spring day.  So nice in fact, that after everyone left I took the girls up to Salt Lake City to visit the Tracy Aviary.  Winter Wednesday admission is only $1 and since it didn’t feel at all like winter (yeah!) we made the most of it.

The girls love the Aviary.  Love it!  They know so many names of the birds, aren’t afraid of meat eating birds (which is good since many were eating their dead lunch at the time) and they love feeding the ducks with the little $.25 pellet machines (and I was glad I had quarters in my purse!)   Lily was especially thrilled that she got to see a toucan and a vulture, which were the two birds she was really adamant that she wanted to see.   

Thursday we laid low, spending the day going to and from preschool and finishing chores, knowing we were having some busier times coming up.  The girls kept themselves busy (with my blessing) by getting into my fabric scraps and creating “quilts”.  They are so creative!

The down sides is that the rest of the pile looks now like this:   

Friday, March 16 the girls and I headed to Provo for the day.  On Fridays Momma Kay goes to Zumba class while Sarianna is a Zumba instructor, and they thought it would be fun to go together sometime.  Since I wasn’t that interested I volunteered to watch all the kids at Momma Kay’s house while she and Sarianna went to Zumba.  Turns out, Josh and Lizzie and kids were in town that morning, so all of the cousins (OK, so niece Rose wasn’t there, but there were 11 including Emma) got to be together all morning long.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids ran around outside the entire time, filling up the neighbor’s swingset.  They are so sweet together!

That afternoon Grandma watched the kids while I popped into the chiropractor’s for an adjustment and X-rays (I still need to make another trip down to review the X-rays) before picking up Papa Murphy’s on the way home for everybody for dinner.  The girls and I didn’t want to head back in rush hour, so we stayed until bedtime then drove home.

Saturday was another beautiful day, giving Elliott and I a little spring fever, i.e. “we need to go garage saling!”.  And before you even think it’s all me, let me tell you Elliott is the one who asked me if I was going to check the classifieds to see if there were any sales to go to; I haven’t even thought of it!  Well, there were a few and we wanted to hit them up, so we loaded up the girls and their DVD player and off we went.  We found a few steals, including a $3 programmable Crock Pot and some beat-up girls’ jeans for $.25, which I wanted just for the keyhole elastic, which I intend to repurpose for use in my cloth diapers.

It wasn’t until afternoon that I realized it was St. Patrick’s Day (sorry Irishmen).  And I felt horrible, because all week long I had been telling the girls that St. Patrick’s Day was on Sunday.  Friday night I told them they had two more days, making Ava happy that she had an extra day to work on her “leprechaun trap” and Lily was excited she had an extra day to find her green shirt. 

Oooops!  I decided to keep up the ruse, even enlisting the rest of the extended family to not reveal my blunder.  In the end, the girls were perfectly content and never suspected a thing.

That evening we went out to a Chinese restaurant in Sandy to celebrate Momma Kay’s birthday with an “adults only” dinner (but we made an exception for Emma).  This meant we needed a babysitter, which we haven’t had to do since we moved here.  We always had a grandma around.  But not this night!  So it was a great excuse to try out the neighbor girl who lives across the street.  She was really excited to come over (she loves kids) and even called to see if it was OK if she brought over some Play-Doh for the girls.  Um… YES!  Dinner was delicious and not having to manage all the kids was divine.  And the girls had a great time with Mikell back at home, so it was a win-win!

Sunday rounded out the weekend with family dinner at Sarianna’s to celebrate Momma Kay’s birthday with all of the kids this time.  Sarianna cooked a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, which Momma Kay loves, and we all had a great time together.  For her birthday, we bought her Planet Earth in HD (which I have to admit I am dying to watch too).  I think she had a great weekend celebrating with all of the people who love her.

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