Lily and Ava are still rockin’ it in preschool.  Piper can’t wait to go next year – and tells Mrs. Lockwood anytime she sees her.

Lily is doing very well writing her name and her letters.  Here is her latest homework, the letter Z:
Ava’s homework has been so much more difficult than I would give her – but she’s doing it!  I always ask Elliott “can you believe she knows that?”.  Here’s a few examples of her latest schoolwork:
She knows that “-ion” sound and the “-eigh” sound.  Tons of sight words and vocabulary rules are now filed away in that little brain of hers.
At preschool they don’t do much math work, so I bought her a preschool math workbook for Christmas.  It was so easy for her, so I upped it by looking at the math for Kindergarteners – which was also too easy.  So I printed out some first grade math worksheets for her to work on.  This one was a fill in the blank with numbers 1-100 (plus a lot of doodling along the way).  She did it all!  She would get tired and I would say to just take a break since it’s supposed to be fun.  She would, but then would always come back.  (She does still write a lot of her numbers backwards, but Mrs. Lockwood says that’s pretty standard for all preschoolers.)
Can you believe this book she brought home from preschool with her on Tuesday?  I couldn’t!  I was even more blown away when we sat down and she read it to me (with very limited help).  Any words that she got stuck up on I would remind her of the vowel rule which applied or remind her it was a sight word.  Other than that, she did almost all of it herself.  I can’t even express how impressed I am.  Since she’s not even in Kindergarten!
On that note, last night Elliott and made the official decision to homeschool Ava next year.  Mrs. Lockwood is very supportive and a great resource, along with neighbors and friends that have also homeschooled.  I have a good idea what type of curriculum I will be following, but am looking forward to the Utah Home Educators Association annual conference in Provo in June to hear and learn even more.  Aside from everything else, I feel like this is truly a Holy Spirit led exercise for me and that I too will grow tremendously by devoting myself more wholly to my calling as a mother and nurturer, dying to self each day.

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Wow. That is great. You will do so awesome.