Feels Like Summertime

The weather around here these past few days has been in the 80’s.  It is set to get a bit colder in the upcoming days, so we are soaking it up while we can.
The girls have been having free reign of the front yard and have been taking full advantage of it for sidewalk chalk and riding their bikes/scooters. Last year they were just a little too little to be out there by themselves, but this year they all stay where they are supposed to (for the most part, though Lily went rogue twice yesterday and has lost her bike privilege for today).  Elliott even came home the other day to find me sitting in the front yard with Emma, just hangin' with all my girls in the lovely twilight cool.
They have been making friends with all the little girls their age and have been asking to go to their houses (Is this when this line of questioning starts? Oy vey!) which I usually decline, though last Saturday all three spent the majority of the afternoon at the neighbor’s.

Sunday Emma decided she can sit by herself now, and has had no problem ever since.  Although she finds the feel of the grass a bit unnerving, she likes to sit and watch and be part of the action.
Gardening here starts a bit later, but due to the unprecedented warmth alot of people have started theirs already. We put in our seeds last night but will wait a few weeks for the tomato plants. Our lettuce is already up (I planted some in February) and the strawberries we planted last year from Elliott’s parents’ starts look great. Lots of little flowers there, so hopefully a nice harvest. Even the berry bushes on the side of the house and the rhubarb are lookin' good.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

This is one of the things I like best about llinois. The kids spend so much time playing outside. When I saw the other day it was 98 degrees in Las Vegas I was so glad I wasn't living there anymore! Love the sunny mild spring days. Love seeing the pictures of your sweet girls happily playing!