Easter 2012

Did you have a lovely Easter?  We sure did!  It took a bit of work to get all of us ready to go that morning (5 girls including me) but everyone looked lovely.  Should we show you again?

After getting several questions, I should let you know I did not make their dresses.  The smaller two were originally Ava and Lily’s for Lily’s first Easter (you have to click through this link and see how cute they were back in the day).  The larger two dresses are exact matches I found at two separate garage sales last summer on the same dayCan you believe it?  I do love garage saling.  I did make them matching hairbows using the tutorial found via Pinterest on Ten Cow ChickAren’t they cute?

We started the day at our church Easter egg hunt, which they held before services at the park across the street.  They had a separate roped off area for the four and under age group (though Ava joined in too) which made it so much easier to help the girls out and keep them going.

The day was lovely, but the wind kicked up at the beginning making it a bit chilly.  Piper and Lily didn’t seem to mind too much, but it took a lot of cajoling to keep Ava mollified.  Emma slept through the entire thing in her stroller.

Once they released the kids, the girls scrambled to get as many eggs as they could.  Piper kept getting distracted, opening the eggs to see what she got with me encouraging her “Keep going Piper, go find another one”.

The church service was great; the sermon was about the bodily evidence of Christ’s resurrection which I thought was full of historical “ah-ha” moments.  I like when I learn from sermons, especially facts and definitions.  Afterwards we headed home for lunch, Emma’s nap and to finish up the rest of my Easter projects before heading to Provo for family dinner.

I made some cute Easter bunny cookies, my famous cupcakes with buttercream frosting and carrot M&Ms, carrot utensils, lemon cupcakes, and carrot playdough.

When we got to Provo (and everyone woke up from their car ride naps) I bribed Lily with potato chips to get a good family photo:

We BBQ’d and ate outside.  Lily had fun swinging, Emma was thoroughly entertained by her cousin Asher and Ava decorated Grandma Jerry’s hair with forsythia (“they match her earrings and shoes”).

After dinner we had another Easter egg hunt. 

We tried to get a grandkids and grandparents photo …

… while trying to keep them from raiding their baskets.

The forsythia bush was too lovely to not try and take some cute photos:

We finished the night off with an Easter activity put together by Grandma to explain the importance of the Easter season.  The girls had a good time (though some of the kids kept sneaking candy, ha ha ha!)


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Tracy Lindley said...

WOW!!! So many gorgeous photos of everyone!!! I love the pic you got of Lily after bribing her with chips (I personally use Annie's Cheddar Bunnies for this purpose). The 2nd pic of Elliott and Emma is my favorite--she is such a happy girl! Grandma Jerry looks absolutely ethereal with the flowers in her hair. And way to go completing all your Easter projects. Again, I don't know HOW you do it! Such a wonderful day and a lovely time to celebrate our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God!