Life As We Know It

I was thinking about doing another "Week in Review", but since I don't remember everything about the last 9 days I am gonna go with some randomness of our lives:

Yesterday I told Lily and Piper to get on their shoes and coats because we were going to pick up Ava from preschool (and then head on to Wal-Mart).  Both said they did it and put themselves in the van.  After picking up Ava we popped over to Wal-Mart and as we are getting out of the car Lily says "uh-oh, I don't have my shoes."  I should be surprised, but it's Lily.  And Lily forgot to put on her shoes.

Piper is having a hard time in life right now.  She wants to do everything herself and throws the biggest fit if you 1) help her or 2) tell her no.  This equals alot of time in time-out (i.e. the laundry room).  Alot of time.  It was super bad last Saturday, causing Elliott to question in frustration "Is it always like this?"  I truthfully answered "I don't know."  She's always throwing a fit about something or other, but I don't know how often she's in time-out.  Do you know a few weeks back she actually chose to be in time-out?  Seriously!  After a lull in her fit throwing I went in to her and asked her if she wanted to come out and play or stay in her room and throw a fit.  "Throw a fit" she said.  I thought for sure she didn't hear me, so I reordered how I said it.  The answer was still the same - "throw a fit."  So I let her.   Behind her closed bedroom door of course.  She eventually came out to apologize and continue her day.

Lily says yogurt as "rogurt".  Just letting you know (I told you it was random).

Ava has been learning to not talk back, question me, or reason her way around things.  I have been giving her an "X" each time she does it, then setting a limit after which she gets a punishment.  She understands the process but sometimes she just can't help herself.  We're learning together.

Today Ava tried the "my tummy feels funny" trick to get out of preschool.  Preschool.  Man, it's starting already??

Piper had insomnia one night last week.  It was bad.  I was essentially up from 2-6:15am.  Up and down, up and down.  Potty trips, threatening, cuddles.  Nothing worked.  Just when I would crawl back into bed and think "it worked" out she would come again.  It was a long day the next day.  I thought I would get a nap in when I got three of the four down for their naps, then Emma decided she didn't want to sleep.  Put on a second pot of coffee and went on with the day.

I have really been enjoying interacting with Lily more lately.  Usually she is in her own little world and though she will talk to you and listen to you, I don't feel that very often she interacts with me or invites me into that world.  But this past week she has been seeking me out more, asking me real questions, telling me her stories, asking for cuddles at naptime and telling me about her day.  The other day she was putting together our United States of America puzzle (yes, they can do it!) and was telling me about each state.  It has been awesome.  Lily is her daddy's girl and not only does she prefer his company to mine, but they are also very alike in personality and life outlook.  So to be able to interact with her on this level has been very special for me.  Hopefully it is just the beginning as she gets older.

I enjoyed going to a Utah Blogger Event last week in Provo.  The older girls stayed with Mom and Dad while Emma and I met some new friends.  I took Emma on purpose; I mean, who can resist a cute baby?  Hello talking point!  Anyway, I had a fun time seeing people that I "know" (i.e. I read their blogs so I feel like I know them) and actually seeing some people I met at my last blogger event I attended, who greeted me as if they knew me (what a nice feeling!).  If I keep going to these I am gonna need a business card or something.  I used to have a mommy card, but then I went and had another baby (geez Sarah) so I need some new material.

I also enjoyed a massage last week while Mom and Dad watched the girls (again).  I was hoping it would help alleviate some of my chronic neck and back pain, which it did for a little while but I think I just need an adjustment (which is a separate appointment I need to make).

We had Parent Teacher Conference at preschool last Thursday and everything is A-OK.  Nothing new on the "my girls are smart" front.  Except I learned all the boys like Ava.  Ha ha ha!  Well, who wouldn't?  She's nice to everyone (her teacher says so).  Mrs. Lockwood says she just loves my girls so much and I warned her Piper was coming next year (good luck). 

Piper's potty training is going great!  We rarely have accidents during the day while nightime offers the usual need for diapers.  I am thinking of moving her into real underwear during the day (scary for me but a necessary step) and continuing to work with her at night.  We always go potty before bed, cut off drinks and even sometimes have potty trips in the middle of the night. So we are doing everything right, she's just continuing to learn.  One day at a time.

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