Sewing Room Reveal!

Well, I finally finished redoing my sewing room. Whew! It took me awhile - and I didn't even do that much. Not as much as alot of DIY'ers, that's for sure. But I am proud of how it came together. First, here's the before:

Now the after


Let me give you a little tour.  This is my main work area.

I moved the table to the window.  The room is on the "garden level", i.e. it's in the basement so it doesn't get the best light and what it does get is best around 4pm (which is not the most opportune time for sewing).

The shelves came courtesy of the IKEA As-Is section.  They are slightly damaged cabinet doors!  Uber-cheap, only $2 each!  The brackets are also from IKEA.  They were natural wood that I painted white, $4 each.  So $20 total for the shelves.  Much, much cheaper than the shelving systems this large at Home Depot.

The drawer units below hold my fabric and crafting materials.  I had two of them from before, picked up at a garage sale for probably a couple of bucks.  But I was trying to streamline the room, so I splurged and picked up a new unit at Target last week for $20.  So still, around $25 for storage - not to shabby.

Another view of the storage drawers. (Like the big cardboard box? It's my super chic trash can.)

Like I said, I haven't spent any money to organize the shelves, but I have used what I've got. The round container on the left holds punches (snagged at a garage sale this past summer CHEAP); the middle round is an upcycled cake pan which holds my paints; the middle wooden square crate holds empty small jars I have collected (most of them old spice jars); and the pedastal stand (upcycled from a cake pan and candle holder, which I should spraypaint someday) holds my adhesives.

I picked up this little drawer unit at the DI for $1. It holds my small odds 'n ends: ribbon, stickers, glue sticks, foam paint brushes.  And my labeler on top.  I love my labeler.  Just sayin'.

Looking at this picture I realize it's not as "pretty" as some craft rooms I have seen around Pinterest, but I am not going to spend any more money to make it "pretty" when it is organized and functional, which I what a sewing room should be (according to me).  But if I come across some fun deals at garage sales this summer, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Next to the shelves I placed the ironing board and hung two large art pieces.

I picked up the frames in the As-Is section at IKEA (again) for $1 each! I knew they were damaged, but when I took off the plastic wrapping I realized they needed some wood glue love. There was a moment I wasn't certain I would be able to get them back together, but I did it. Now you can't tell!

I snagged the prints via Pinterest, printing them both a large 20x30 size (which was probably one of the largest costs of this project).  The print on the left, We're All In This Together, comes from Sunny Fiona Designs.

And the print on the right, House Rules, was inspired by this (can't find the original source, but I did trace it as far back as I could and didn't find it for sale):

Which I turned into my own version in Photoshop:
I am not thrilled with the design of it, but I kind of did it on the fly, so it is a good reminder right now.  I may tweak it in the future.

See where I put my beautiful, upcycled thread rack?  It works great, but I almost wish it was bigger.  But I am not looking a free project in the mouth, that's for sure.

I picked up this small, narrow cork board at the DI Thrift Store for $1.  I am using it to pin up projects, sketches, and pictures that I am currently working on or would like to complete in the near future.

I still keep all my sewing gadgets (rulers, scissors, fasteners, etc.) handy on the window ledge in front of the table.  Like I said, very handy.

Behind the door I hung a towel rack I found at DI for $3.  I put all my ribbon on it, along with fabric projects I am currently working on.  (The pink fabric you see it currently being turned into curtains for Ava and Lily's room downstairs.)

So there you have it - my "new" sewing room! 
I am planning on hanging a light directly over my sewing machine and I would like to hang some wood blinds in the window to give the room some texture at some point.  But I am so excited to have the space put together, cleaned up and ready for some action!

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Jennifer B said...

Love it & a whole lot jealous. But none the less you made it awesome!!!