Emma - Six Months Old

Emma is now 6 months old and on the move. Her rolling and lunging is now purposeful and focused. Yesterday I placed her on the floor like this:

and found her over hear (crying because she kept bumping her head on the door frame):

Needless to say the baby gate is now up on the top of the stairs lest she roll in that direction.  She gets way up on her hands and even gets her toes underneath her in plank position and pushes back and forth.  It's only a matter of time now before the scooting begins.

She is eating veggies for dinner every night. Her reflux seems to have gone away (I think it was a combination of overeating and swallowing too much air) and she still loves to eat.  Right now we have eaten green beans and asparagus, and I am currently cooking up some broccoli and peas (and spinach in the freezer).  I have alot of orange food already in the freezer (squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes) but I want to make sure we run the gamet of our green foods first.  No hurry, we've got the rest of our life.

Her motor control is getting stronger and she is so grabby now.  Your hair, your glasses, Piper's binky, the bowl of food, the spoon you are feeding her with, daddy's beard, toys.  She loves this new skill and will practice it if anything comes in this direction.


The Bumbo has been retired (she can get out of it now) and high chair brought out.  Emma likes to sit in the high chair and play with her toys while the rest of the girls are at the table, either eating or coloring.

One of the things I am loving the most is that she will look your way when you call her name.  She will look for you, find you and reward you with a huge grin.  It is so cute!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Aw, such a cutie!!

Tracy Lindley said...

ADORABLE!!! Love that little girl and yeah, totally growing up SO fast like her cousin!