What's For Dinner?

Although I do have a menu plan for the next couple of weeks, I went rogue last night.  I had picked up a package of spicy chicken sausages at the grocery store this week (on sale) and thought it would make a good dinner for Elliott and I.  The girls?  Not so much.  So as the clock ticked down I pulled this idea out of thin air - and the remnants of the fridge.  I knew I had a half finished jar of spaghetti sauce and a few red peppers to be eaten.  Throw in a tub of shredded Parmesan cheese that also needed to be used up and a baggie of mozzarella.  Ta-da!  I think I am getting better at putting dinner together with what I have (which is always where I struggle).

Another mothering goal last night: Try to get everybody to stay happy until dinner time when two of the girls have lost their snack privilege due to bad behavior.  Solution: Have them engaged and helping.  And making their own pizza always does that.

I rolled out the dough (which I whipped up in a hurry) then laid it out for them to top off.  Although I didn't have a wide selection of toppings, they still had a great time putting them on.  Then watching each of their pizzas baking in the oven.

By the end everyone was fed, there were no tears, and things did not go bad itn he fridge.  Yeah us!
Concentration.  This is serious work.

Lily's pizza

Piper enjoyed snacking on the peppers intended for pizza toppings

Baking on our pizza stone

Making a bit of a mess

Piper says "Yum!"

Lily was so proud of her pizza


Tracy Lindley said...

Yum, those pizzas look amazing! Can you share your dough recipe? And have you tried it with wheat flour?

Jennifer B said...

Yum. My poor family with my diet no pizza around here for awhile. Definitely have to do it after the baby comes.