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January 1
Had a great time with the Kay clan at our house last night eating TONS of food and playing cards. The kids did SO well being up late and we are so glad to have as many rooms/beds as we do to put babies down and let their parents have some fun!

With all the caselot sales about to start, I gotta get my butt into gear working on one of my 2012 goals: having a 3-month food storage.

January 2
Empty Cool Whip containers make great sicky bowls.

January 4
Mitt Romney successfully ran Bain Capital, the Olympics, and the State of Massachusetts. We need someone to run the country like that. GO ROMNEY!

January 6

Piper (2yo) trying to do a 24 piece puzzle. I say "Lily will help you if you need help" (cause Lily's a whiz) and she says "I don't NEED help!" Okey-dokey then.

Just not motivated today. AT ALL. I think I would rather do silly projects, like re-organize the hall closet (check!) and the downstairs hall closet. I also pulled out our 72 hour kits to check them and figure out what needs to be updated. Like I said, earth shattering stuff around here today.

January 7
Working on turning my blog into a book for the second time. With 192 pages, I am currently editing #20. This may take awhile...

I enjoyed a Duggar-style moment while thrifting today. I have come to realization that kids' sizes don't matter much. If I find shoes of good quality at a good price I will buy them. It will fit some girl at some time.

January 9
That pile of dishes in the sink can wait. I did 6+ loads of laundry AND put it away, and baked 4 loaves of bread (among other things). I'm off the clock I think.

January 10
Piper's excuses tonight for getting out of bed: I have to go pee-pee on the potty (no she didn't), I need a new diaper (no she didn't), I have a boogie (no she didn't), and I can't turn my soother on (yes she can). Hmm... I think she needs some new material, these are getting old.

January 12
Food poisoning is no fun! Good thing I am the only one who ate it (hey, I was just trying to not let food go to waste) but it is NOT something I wish on anyone. Elliott is even staying home this morning to help me get back on my feet (something I have NEVER asked him to do before, even through 4 pregnancies and births).

January 13
Was thinking of trying to do a date night with the hubby on Saturday. But with Broncos playing the Patriots, I am not even going to ask.

Friday movie afternoon: "Mr. Popper's Penguins". Probably not much like the book, which the girls and I read, but oh well.

January 15
My sewing craft room is coming together! Elliott had the genius idea to scout the IKEA As-Is section for some sort of "lumber" to use as shelves. Two $1.99 cabinet doors later and some massive $.99 As-Is art frames, we are in business!

January 16
Just spent the morning at IKEA (again, I know!) You just can't beat free childcare for the older two and Piper running solid for one hour chasing the in-store arrows. Then feeding everyone for $3 and free coffee for me! IKEA: I ♥ you!

Although enjoying praise music during dinner is so special, it isn't helping my dawdler Lily, who also really enjoys singing. :)

Heaven help us! Emma regularly rolls onto her tummy now, where she gets stranded and then gets upset. Trying to get her to stay put while sleeping is proving difficult. Going in for the third time ...

January 19
Our snowstorm was SERIOUSLY overrated! I did a mad scramble to secure some snowpants for Ava so that I could let the girls play in the 8+" to come, but this morning we are just wet with rain and 45 degrees. I don't mind, but come on - weathermen, I am not sure I can place trust in you anymore.

This week I have been "playing " alot - IKEA trip, visiting with friends and playing on the floor all morning with Emma. I have to say it feels kinda good! Memories are more important than grocery shopping, right?

Only a million and one half-finished projects currently laying around the house. Even Ava is noticing. "Mommy, you sure do have a lot of projects"

Why can't poinsettas be year-round plants? Apparently it is the only one that I can't kill. My Christmas splurge is still lookin' good!

January 20
Thrifting with the girls today resulted in beautiful boots. Only $8, pure leather and originally $250 at Nordstroms. Go ahead and be jealous! I am in love!!

January 22

Big girls playing in the snow, little baby napping and Elliott out getting the oil changed in the car. Me? I'm enjoying some good old fashioned smut in the form of "Us Weekly" while refereeing the melee outside.

January 24
Putting the baby swing back into storage. Man, that went fast!

Just painted a board for an upcoming project with some freebie paint from the recycling center at the dump. And it's a really pretty aqua. Love it!

I am loving Pinterest for all the tips n tricks I am learning! People are so smart!

January 27
Today holds a playdate visit with Ava's preschool friend, Friday afternoon movie, and our family ice skating lessons (something Lily has SO been looking forward to). I think today should be a good day for the girls!

Ava just brought me her coloring notebook which she had written a message on. I DID NOT help her! This made me laugh out loud (and be supremely impressed that she spelled this herself): NOT YR BOOK, MY BOOK AVA, BUT I LOVE YOU

The girls LOVED LOVED ice skating tonight! Personalities shined through big time: Piper was so mad when she would fall down (mad, not hurt), Ava was goofing off having a great time, and Lily was a pro only half a lap into it (remember how well she did at canoeing this summer?). Such a fun family outing (and bad mommy forgot the camera, but there's always next time)!

January 30
Maybe I shouldn't try to do a double batch of pancakes and a triple batch of waffles at the same time. Something to think about for next time. :)

January 31
Struck gold again at the re-use center at the dump today. I love that place! (Is it wrong that I love going to the dump?)

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