Life in Pictures

We're entering (kinda) the modern age people!  Skype has come to our house.  With Nana living overseas now and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in Nebraska, we had to jump on that bandwagon.  And we love it!  Even if 90% of me itches to be multi-tasking and not sitting in front of a computer and 100% of the girls lose interest after a very short period of time, we are doing it.

My dad took these pictures of what he sees on his end when we Skype:

And this is what we look like on our end:

The other week we had a very small amount of snow in the backyard, but it was enough to make the girls want to bust out their gear.  Look at this great idea I came up with: legwarmers on their arms.  I put it over the end of their mitten so no snow can get down inside (the number one culprit for why they come inside to get me).  It worked like a charm, I gotta tell ya.  Woo hoo!

See I told you, just a small amount of snow.  But they made the most of it!

And look at this fun gift my sister made and sent to me:

She even cut the wood and stained it herself (impressive).  What have I turned her into?  I showed her a few crafting things when she was here over Thanksgiving and then she got lured into Pinerest.  The rest is history.  (I am sure I can't take all of the blame, she has lots of crafty friends.)

I am working on a little "payback" of my own.  I can't wait to share it with you... after I share it with her of course!

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Tracy said...

Aww, I made the blog--yay! Glad you like your gift and I can't wait to see mine! We might have to make this our new thing :) Those pics of the girls are A-dorable and I love the leg warmer idea: ingenious! Love you!