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There is a graphic going around Pinterest that makes me laugh:

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But in all truth, I HAVE been actually creating some of the things I have been pinning.  And I want to show you some of them!


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During the sewing room re-do I wanted to create a large thread rack to hang on the wall for my collection.  I saw a pegboard version too, but they cut individual dowel rods to make the thread holders and I didn't want to much work, so I moved on to this version. 

My version:

I had salvaged a board from my neighbor's trash, picked up some beautiful aqua (free) paint at the dump (again) and spent under $3 for nails at Lowes.  Then I just gridded out where to hammer in the nails (I decided to place one every two inches) and I was done!

I'll show you a pictrue of the finished piece in its rightful place soon.  Hang tight!


Anybody been over to my Facebook homepage lately? If not, this is what you'll see:

And before you think I'm totally awesome (ahh, shucks) I will confess it came from here:
The CoffeeShop Blog via Pinterest

It rocks, right?  The same designer also has a couple other versions that you can use or you can check out Beth's tutorial on how to create your own using Picasa.  Have fun!


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With so many clementines and grapefruits running around the house recently (it is citrus season you know), this pin could not have come at a better time. I simply salvaged the peels and,instead of composting them, I threw them in quart canning jars that I had filled with white vinegar. I kept the jars stashed under the kitchen sink so it was very convenient and not any more work than putting them in the compost bucket. Now I have no excuse not to try a homemade bathroom cleaner I pinned. (I'll let you know how that turns out when I do.)


I have a few ideas pinned for ways to organize my ribbon (including rain gutters, pants hangers, straw dispensers, and baskets) but this one seemed so immediately doable, that I did it.  Ha ha ha.  I had purposefully kept some old oatmeal containers on hand for this very idea (and this one too) and wanted an immediate way to get my ribbon in order while organizing the sewing room.  Although mine aren't pretty (I didn't take the time right now) they are serving the purpose beautifully.  I may move on to the pants hanger method later on - when I find a pants hanger at a garage sale that is.  Until then, this works for me.


So what's next?  I'm also working on a few other pins, including a growth ruler, Valentine's Day sugar cookies, personalized pillowcases for sleepovers at Grandma's, and frozen cookie dough for the neighbors.

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