{September Updates} Life Via Facebook

September 3
I want to tell y'all how great Emma is doing, but I don't want to jinx anything!

September 5
After living next door to them for a year, I *finally* invited the neighbors over to BBQ with us tonight. Better late then never, right?

First day of preschool for Lily and Ava is tomorrow. I have a special breakfast planned, made them a little treat/craft to share with everyone, and am planning to take them for sno cones in the afternoon. I hope to make it a special day!

September 6
They took newborn photos of Emma at the hospital. Oh yes, I NEED to buy them, they are so beautiful!

September 7
Just ate a large caprese salad all by myself. Three tomatoes and a whole hunk of fresh mozzarella. I guess I am taking advantage of the last of summer's bounty.

September 8
Enjoying the onset of cooler weather. Let's hope it holds through the weekend as I bought tickets to the State Fair. Woo hoo!

Trying to get Lily to listen to me while instructing her on how to write her name is EXACTLY the reason why I can't homeschool. I give up after two tries. Too exhausting for me. Grateful for people who are gifted teachers, because I am not one.

September 10
Happy anniversary to my sweet husband! 8 years together, 6 years married, 4 little girls to show for it. It's been busy, amazing, and truly wonderful. I love you Elliott!

September 11
Piper just counted to 18. I asked her "what comes after 18?" "FIVE!" she screamed. Ha ha ha!

September 13
Is it wrong that I am getting a little too excited looking at the Sutherlands Lumber ad? Look at all of the projects we could do Elliott ! :)

September 16
Picking up a big box of peaches today for canning (not thrilled about processing them but we need more for the coming year) then Ava is going to Grandma & Grandpa's for her first sleepover. She is beyond excited!!

September 19
Bushel of peaches canned and 5 more quarts of green beans. Then I sat down for dinner and never wanted to stand up again. :)

September 20
Thank goodness for three toilets. Cause all three little girls are occupying them right now!

September 22
At 3 weeks old, I am already having to retire some of Emma's newborn clothes. What a chunky monkey!

Piper just sneezed out a green bean. Just when I think it's safe to leave her unattended at dinner...

September 24
Best garage sale buy of the day: a much-needed weedwhacker for Elliott. Price - $5! Saved over $100 on that one! Cross one more thing off the wish list.

September 26
Today I discovered that our landfill has a "re-use center" where they put paint, chemicals, cleaners, etc. Anyone can stop in and pick up stuff for free. Dropped off some cardboard and got some pretty gray Martha Stewart paint for free. Win-win!

September 30
Emma has been such a mommy's girl lately that I am having trouble putting her down. I finally gave in today and put her in the Moby Wrap so I could get some things done!

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