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August 18
Making beef stock, strawberry jam and salsa. I didn't have a stock pot large enough for the salsa, so I busted out the water bath canner to cook it up in. Smells yummy!

August 19
Ava has asked me a thousand times if I will watch their Friday afternoon movie with them. How can a mom turn that down?

August 20
Off to the Utah County Fair. It's my FAVORITE! Can't wait!

August 21
Tomato, mozzarella, pesto, and basil (all homemade/grown) on ciabatti bread for lunch. Yum!

Poor Elliott.  I should feel so much more sympathetic when he tells me he's so tired (from weeding and the gym) but instead I want to give him the middle finger.

August 23
Sitting around waiting for baby to make an appearance does NOT work for me. I am finding all sorts of sewing projects to keep me busy!

August 24
Piper hurt her leg yesterday jumping off a table. Who needs boys? Anyway, we have been dealing with lots of crying as she tries (50% unsuccessfully) to get around. Hoping tomorrow's better!

August 25
Well, Mommy's Intuition wasn't working this time. Piper is now sporting a hot pink leg cast for her fractured tibia.  Glad Elliott and Mom made me take her to the doctor.

August 28
Emma Elizabeth was born at about 9:45am this morning. Mommy and baby are both healthy and happy. Sarah delivered naturally after a 3.5 hour labor. Baby weighed in at 8 lbs 13 ozs and 20.5 inches long. Parents are thrilled!! ~ Elliott Kay

August 30
Headed back to the madness that is FOUR little girls in less than an hour. Lord protect us all! And bless the grandmas for covering my butt. :)

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