{October Updates} Life Via Facebook

October 1
Lovely date night with the hubby on the cheap. Used a Groupon for dinner, hit the thrift store and then used up reward certificates and coupons to buy all of Ava's birthday presents. Total cost - under $12.

October 2
I am struggling to live with Piper's stinky STINKY cast. She had an "accident" in the night and now that smell is living on. It is so gross - and we have a more than a week before it comes off. Let's hope perfume can help...

October 3
Emma's actually napping (thanks to the swing) allowing me to put another coat of paint on the toddler bed and get some meals in the freezer. Now for some mommy-time watching "Fringe".

I MUST get a pizza peel for Christmas. I just made the biggest mess trying to get the pizza onto the hot stone. Grrr! Now all the windows are open hoping the smoke alarm doesn't go off.

October 5
Those darn Comcast people! Got me sucked into having TV again because it was the cheapest way to get internet (bundled). Oh well, no DVR still means I won't be watching it alot.

Is it wrong that I don't want to buy good toilet paper for the girls? They just use so much! :)

October 6
Tried to get a jump on the kids by getting up at 6. Guess who got up at 6:15? Why do I try?

October 7
Just got sidetracked deep cleaning the stove, oven and microwave. Well, now it's all set for holiday baking! (Yes people, I am talking Christmas and Thanksgiving.)

Emma is figuring out this napping-thing. A REALLY good one this afternoon (currently ongoing) and one this AM. Drowsy but awake, not nursing to sleep. Fingers crossed it holds!

First day of having cable again in over two years - and I could care less. I like feeling that way.

October 9
I had to correct Ava's behavior while she was coloring. The next two pictures she created have her animals crying. I think she's not happy with me.

October 10
40 lbs of chicken, bushel of plums and a big box of apples. Guess I'll be in the kitchen this week. And lovin' it!

October 13
Going to TRY and catch up at the computer today on blogging, design, etc. while celebrating Ava's VIP day at preschool. The plums will just have to wait until tomorrow!

I know I shouldn't care, but no matter what I do I can't get my credit score above 700. What a joke! I use cash, so it's just a vicious cycle.

October 14
Gearing up to make plum chili sauce. Or a trip to the playground. Hmmm..

October 17
Enjoyed MORE gorgeous fall scenery on the Alpine Loop yesterday (a top 10 spot according to Sunset magazine) after a productive garage saling day on Saturday. Spent about $40 for several Pyrex dishes, a humidifer, steamer/juicer, and TONS of other fun mommy things for me.

October 21
Today my biggest girl turns 5. Happy birthday Ava!!

Just caught Piper playing with a pair of needlenose pliars around the electrical outlet. Crisis averted. (She will be the death of me, I am sure of it.)

Our morning at IKEA per Ava's request (she likes the playland) yielded some purchases to finish several mommy projects AND uber-cheap lunch for all of us. Now off to the park and then IHOP for her requested birthday dinner.
October 23Working on yet another project. Hooray! Now that I have discovered how to print on tissue paper, I am a little obsessed.

October 24
Going to put aside the rest of my to-do list today to concentrate on playing with the girls outside. It will be the last nice day for awhile.

Such a nice day! Ava tried out her training wheels for the first time, loved it. And you would never know Lily only rode her training wheels one other time - she is a natural!

Piper & Mommy exchange just now:
"You took your shirt off two times, you will wear a zip-zip" (sleeper onesie).
No, I no wear zip-zip.
"No Piper you WILL wear a zip-zip"
No, you no tell me no! 
"I WILL tell you no. You took your shirt off again, you will wear a zip-zip"
No way Jose! ~ That's when I stifled my laugh and tried to get out of the room as quickly as possible.

So my two-year old has now decided I am "mom". Not mommy. Mom. I don't know how I feel about this...

October 26
Elliott's off for a boys weekend in TX. Sarah's going to have a "get stuff done with Elliott out of the house" weekend. Exciting project #1: steam clean the couch.

October 27
What's worse than having two sick kids? Having a two year old who isn't sick AND is running at full speed when the rest of us are only at half-speed. Already had to clean up Sharpie from the kitchen tile (thank God it wasn't the carpet!) and am now moving on to the crayon from a Tupperware lid.

Organized the freezer and am now rolling cake balls. Had to make room in the freezer for the cake balls, ha ha ha!

October 28
I am seriously grossed out by the dirtiness of the water coming from the carpet cleaner. Eewww!

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