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November 1
Piper spent last night hollering "I need more candy!" as we went house to house. Yeah, like she "needs" more candy, LOL!

Just realized that my birth certificate is a copy and I need a real one to get a drivers license in UT. I feel kinda weird applying to get my own birth certificate so I can prove who I am to another state.

November 2
At bedtime Ava and I were discussing that she needed to get shots at the doctor tomorrow but she would be brave. Apparently Lily overheard. Quite some time later Lily starts yelling for daddy. When Elliott went in she said she wanted to tell Ava something but Ava was already asleep. Elliott said he would relay the message to her in the morning, what would she like to tell Ava. "It will hurt."

November 3
Let the Christmas shopping begin!

November 4
Exhausted but happy. Canned 12 qts applesauce, cleaned up the garden for the season by putting away stakes/hoses and all the outdoor toys, and comforted a wee one who just wouldn't nap today to save her life. Tommorow's agenda - a much needed girly day including haircut with my mom.

November 10
Heading to the airport for the first run, bringing back my brother and SIL and my niece Maggie. Can't WAIT!

All of the family is here and our "Thanksgiving" is in the works for tomorrow. Yeah!

November 14
The house is now much quieter than it has been in days. I am missing people already! Good thing we already have plans for another reunion in 2013.

November 15
The girls have been keeping themselves busy cutting pictures out of magazines. The darned ad for Wheat Thins that is now sitting on the table keeps fooling me; I keep trying to clean up the crackers!

We're already gearing up to miss our Nana who is moving out tomorrow. Elliott says to Lily tonight "what are you doing tomorrow?" Taking Nana to the airport. "That's good" No, it's not good. I'm going to miss her!

November 17
I kinda like that Piper doesn't take naps anymore. Of course I miss my "me time" but now she goes strong ALL DAY (for the most part cheerfully) and crashes into bed around 7pm, sleeping soundly for 12-13 hours. It's so much nicer than her past sleeping patterns, so I am grateful for it.

November 18
I know it's early, but since I am ordering Christmas cards right now I am listening to Christmas music to put me in the mood. I must say, I am loving it!

A trip to the doctor's today so Elliott could get an xray for his swollen wrist (which has now been sent on to a radiologist to read, so no info yet) resulted in a lady removing his car's back bumper with her Mercedes SUV. We are very glad she stuck around to deal with paperwork as Elliott was inside at the time and she could have just hit and run. Man, I felt sorry for her - she was such a mess over it, feeling so bad.

November 19
Big girls moved downstairs, Piper moved to a toddler bed, and Emma moved to her own room. Let's see how tonight goes....

November 21
Laundry, organizing the linen closet, ordering Christmas cards and finishing Thanksgiving projects. What are you doing today?

Trying desperately to fend off a muscle-related migraine. Hang in there shoulders until our chiro appt on Wednesday, OK?

November 22
Everyone in the house sounds so croupy (except for me). I slept with Emma last night in the rocking chair, poor baby. But that means I am awful tired today since that really isn't sleeping. I think we will all have a veg-out day in front of PBS Kids.

‎1. My "turkey toes" treats for Thanksgiving are lookin' CUTE!
2. Making stock for the sickos and the house smells yummy.
3. Piper has been going around the house saying "hola!" Watching Dora much?

November 23
Just caught a perp using my PayPal debit card to get a membership on CreditReport.com. Man what a stupid criminal to use my info to get your credit report! Seriously?

I love getting Black Friday deals that have nothing to do with Christmas presents but are instead items Elliot and I have had on our wish list/save up for list for awhile. Storage room shelving from Lowes, TV for living room, and now IKEA bookshelves as downstairs entertainment center. Woo hoo!

Yes people, I am wrapping Christmas presents.

November 25
Should've stayed off the internet since I don't need anything. But how can I pass up 3 kitchen appliances for only $.34?!

November 26
The most annoying thing about being sick? Now I'm behind on my Christmas decorating!

November 27
I think I finally found the culprit behind the stinky kitchen. Note to self: take cooked broccoli directly to compost bin and do NOT leave in the compost bucket beneath the sink.

November 29
Emma's baby playmat is up and the big girls have been "decorating" it for her. She is. In. Heaven. She loves the new toys and the attention.

The house is starting to look clean again. Hooray! Amazing how much piles up when you are sick.

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